North Korean Model of Denuclearization

It is a well known fact that the DPRK has taken the independent road that does not resemble the so-called "Libyan Model".

The DPRK conducted a nuclear test last October in order to promote the denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula and consequently succeeded in getting a multilateral pledge to the initial steps for it in Beijing on February 13. The DPRK has said that the denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula is the country's ultimate goal. This stand was reconfirmed in the Joint Press Release announced at the close of the latest inter-Korean ministerial talks that were held in Pyongyang from February 28 to March 2. As for the denuclearization, the document says: "The north and the south agreed to make concerted efforts for the satisfactory implementation of all the agreements reached at the third session of the fifth round of the six-party talks to denuclearize the Korean Peninsula and ensure peace there."

I'd like to point that some observers and media have more than enough spread a story far remote from the truth. They say north Korea is making a pledge of denuclearization in order to attract more economic aid from somewhere. This kind of story is simply and totally wrong.

When north Korea says of the denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula, it would mean the denuclearization of "all parties" related to the Korean Peninsula. Once you miss this aspect, you miss all the secret and the truth encircling the six-party talks. Why did the Joint Agreement of February 13 exclude the issue of the nuclear weapon or HEU of north Korea from the fist steps? Why does the US show a subtle gesture as if it retreat from "HEU" offensive against the DPRK? The reason lies in the fact or the multilateral judgement on situation that the condition and the environment to jump into the subject are not ripe. To somebody's eyes and beliefs, the six-party talks have been nothing but a tool to denuclearize north Korea only. In their imagination there is not the denuclearization of "all" parties. Beyond their lacking imagination, however, the six-party talks will transform itself into the six-party denuclearization talks directly after somebody utters the imaginative issue of the north Korean HEU or the publicized issue of the north Korean nukes. This turn of event would be a sudden coup-de-grace to the pretending face of the six-party talks so far.

Among the nulcear weapons states, it is north Korea that wants to see the Korean Peninsula truly denuclearized to the interest of whole Korean. The US, Russia and China, they have said nothing about the denuclearization of themselves in and around the Korean Peninsula yet. Here anybody can smell a combination of paradox and hypocrisy again. If the six-party talks take harder agenda, continue hotter argument, and reach higher agreement, all parties will become "non-nulcear weapon states" at least in the region sometime in the future. That would be what north Korea ardently wants and really welcomes. That would be what north Korea has called the utimate goal. The DPRK is very simple, clear and straightforward in its stand and objective. If all parties are to take real actions to denuclearize themselves in parellel, the DPRK will denuclearize itself happily.

A problematic question is: Who will follow the DPRK's objective? Will the US denuclearize itself in and around the Korean Peninula? And how about Russia, China, Japan and South Korea? Whether these countries or parties want or not, the DPRK will do its best to denuclearize them all at any resort. Don't laugh. The term "ultimate goal" gives out a feeling of difficulty. The hill to the heights of denuclearization must be paved with thorny bush. The environment explains why the phrase like "concerted efforts" must be included in the Joint Press Release mentioned above. The north Korean pledge of denuclearization should be interpreted as a national call of compatriots to compatriots to accomplish a national goal together. It should not be mistaken as a mere gesture for more economic "aid" from nowhere.

By the way, are you still a lover of Libyan model? If then, I recommend you to meet Gaddafi [Who] Blasts West Failure to Reward Non-Nuclear Libya in the Alzajeera Magazine of March 2, 2007.

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