It is painful to accept fully the simple fact that one begins from where one is, that on must break free of the web of illusions one spins about life. Most of us view the world not as it is but as we would like it to be.

Once we have moved into the world as it is then we begin to shed fallacy after fallacy. The prime illusion we must rid ourselves of is the conventional view in which things are seen separate from their inevitable counterparts.

Seeing everything in its duality, we begin to get some dim clues to direction and what it's all about.

As we begin to accept the concept of contradictions we see every problem or issue in its whole, interrelated sense. We then recognize that for every positive there is a negative.

This grasp of the duality of all phenomena is vital in our understanding of politics. It frees one from the myth that one approach is positive and another negative.

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