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  1. 2010/12/29
    이스라엘: 인종 차별주의
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  2. 2010/11/30
    위키리크스: 中-北 '친선'
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  3. 2010/10/18
    독일: 국수주의/외국인혐오/반유대주의...
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  4. 2010/09/20
    쿠바: '21세기 사회주의'(^^)
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  5. 2010/09/05
    프랑스: 反인종 차별 투쟁
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  6. 2010/08/30
    러시아: 파시스트 테러 작전
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  7. 2010/08/29
    이스라엘-팔레스타인 '평화' 회담
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  8. 2010/08/18
    반유대주의 = 파시즘!!!
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  9. 2010/07/19
    이스라엘: (인터넷)연대
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  10. 2010/07/09
    (주말) 독서를 즐기다!!
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바레인: 대중폭동 탄압(#1)

Imperialist Invasion vs. Democratic Popular Uprising

Breaking news (01:22pm CET) by Al-Jazeera:
The King of Bahrain has declared a state of emergency for three months on the island following weeks of anti-government protests, state television said.

An order by the king "authorised the commander of Bahrain's defence forces to take all necessary measures to protect the safety of the country and its citizens," a statement read out on television on Tuesday said.

The development comes a day after a Saudi-led military forces arrived to help prop up the government, which is facing pressure from the Shia majority to implement reforms.

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House of Saud 'liberates' Bahrain  (Asia Times, 3.15)


진보블로그 공감 버튼트위터로 리트윗하기페이스북에 공유하기딜리셔스에 북마크

아랍 대중 폭동& 반혁명

Since almost one month the spirit of the popular, pro-democratic uprising in North Africa is spreading onto the Arab Peninsula (Yemen, Oman and Bahrain)!

But for the so-called "international community" it will be the worst-case scenario if the less privileged are taking the streets to fight for democratic reforms: economic, social, political and gender equality... just to demand their basic rights as human beings!

So, just forget about "democracy" or "human rights". Enter the brand new Barack Obama administration "regime alteration" doctrine, where popular aspirations in the Gulf - from Saudi Arabia to Bahrain and Oman - are ditched to the benefit of the "stability" afforded by "key allies", swing producers House of Saud and hosts of the 5th Fleet the al-Khalifa dynasty in Bahrain. Moreover, the House of Saud has told the al-Khalifa that if they do not crush their own Shi'ite-majority revolt, Saudi forces will. And Washington won't bat an eyelid. As it won't bat an eyelid if it turns into a bloodbath.

And I'm afraid that it could happen any time soon!!

Around noon (CET) Reuters reported that "Bahrain has asked for help from neighbouring Gulf Arab countries after protesters overwhelmed police and cut off roads, and an adviser to the royal court said the forces were already on the strategic island kingdom."

Two hours later Al-Jazeera reported that "Saudi military forces entered Bahrain 'to help protect government facilities there'"


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진보블로그 공감 버튼트위터로 리트윗하기페이스북에 공유하기딜리셔스에 북마크

리비아: 反카다피 혁명(#6)


A Palestinian source reported y'day the following about the ongoing and increasing TERROR CAMPAIGN led by the dictator Muammar "The Butcher" Gaddafi against his own people:

As many as six thousand Libyans, mostly innocent civilians, are believed to have been murdered and many other thousands wounded in killings perpetrated by the regime's thugs, mercenaries and henchmen.

Men were summarily executed in their homes, in  full  view of their wives and children, worshipers killed in their mosques and innocent, peaceful protesters were riddled with bullets rather indiscriminately.

Soldiers refusing to obey orders to kill innocent civilians were summarily executed.

Raving and ranting as usual,  Qaddafi calls all opponents rodents, stray-dogs and al-Qaeda terrorists who he said ought to be exterminated. His words are simply a call for genocide...

And today's Guardian(UK) published the following (sort of) depressing frontline coverage:

Libyan rebels' mood darkens amid fears revolution has stalled

Hopes that Gaddafi would be deposed quickly have been replaced by fears of a drawn-out military conflict

When the shooting died down in Benghazi and Zenab Gebril took to the streets to join the revolution, she looked to Libya's neighbours as examples.

"We all saw Egypt and Tunisia and we thought it was going to be a piece of cake," said Gebril, a student who joined the hordes of volunteers around the revolutionary administration in Benghazi. "It's not so easy."

Nearly three weeks after Libyans surprised themselves by revolting against Muammar Gaddafi's brutal 42-year rule, euphoria at the prospect of swiftly deposing the dictator has given way in the rebel capital, Benghazi, to the grim prospect of a popular uprising evolving into a drawn-out military conflict.

That is stoking fears about the consequences of losing, as Gaddafi's forces use tanks and artillery to crush the revolutionaries' takeover of the city of Zawiyah, near Tripoli, and stall the rebel advance from Benghazi hundreds of miles short of the Libyan capital.

Concern at the shaky military situation is in turn contributing to frustration in Benghazi at the lack of a visible leadership to give direction to the revolution and take proper control of a city where gun-toting young men contribute to the air of insecurity by firing weapons at random through the night.

On Wednesday, Gaddafi's forces bombed the rebel frontline in the east, at Ras Lanuf. In hours of rocket fire between the two sides and raids by Gaddafi's air force, oil tanks at nearby Es Sider were hit, causing a large explosion and sending towering plumes of smoke into the air as the fuel burned through the day.

Fears are growing that if Gaddafi wins in Zawiyah, he will then redirect the scores of tanks and armoured vehicles used there against the rebels in the east.

Some in Benghazi have fallen back on a grim fatalism. Gebril, whose parents have both served time in Gaddafi's prisons for opposing his regime, says that excitement at the prospect of the dictator's downfall has given way to a realisation that she may be forced to flee the country.

"If he wins, we're dead. He will kill us. Before is nothing compared to what he would do now. The whole of the east side of the country is dead. I would get out. I'm still young. I've got to live."

The fear of losing has strengthened the determination of others to fight on.

"It's him or us," said Tahar Salen, a Benghazian who has taken up arms against Gaddafi. "By supporting the revolution we have signed our own death warrants, so now we have no choice but to fight until it is over."

Gaddafi is still a long way from winning back control of his country. But that this is now considered a possibility has caused Gebril, like many young Libyans, to direct some of her frustration at the nearly invisible revolutionary council installed to run the liberated areas. "People are getting more angry because there's no one in charge," she said. "The people in the committee are acting like they're in charge, but they're not. We know more about what's going on than they do."

Part of the strength of the Tunisian and Egyptian revolutions was that they were popular uprisings, not dominated by individual leaders. That was an attraction in countries so long controlled by one man, and the same approach appealed to Libyans keen to rid themselves of a leader who had regarded himself as a cult figure for the past 42 years.

But as Libya's uprising has evolved into what looks like civil war, many in Benghazi see an urgent need for someone to take charge. The revolutionary leadership is made up of 30 representatives headed by Gaddafi's former justice minister, Mustafa Abdel-Jalil. He is perhaps the only member with nationwide recognition. The others represent areas under rebel control as well as the military and youth. There are also lawyers and long-standing opposition activists. But almost no one has any political or government administrative experience.

The revolutionary council continues to proclaim that victory is certain, on the grounds that almost every Libyan wants rid of Gaddafi. But Iman Bugaighis, a member of the revolutionary administration, acknowledges that as the conflict grows, the prospect of a popular uprising in Tripoli overthrowing Gaddafi is dimming.

"Do people in Tripoli want him? No. But it's very, very hard for them. People are afraid," she said.

"We know we face a very big challenge. I'm not denying that. We are not organised. Our fighters are not trained. It's hard to find someone who has authority from the people. It's not enough, but it's only three weeks."

However, Bugaighis said there was no possibility of failure: "Never. When you've seen what's happened here, how can anyone think we will fail? We started with nothing. In three weeks we have all this," she said. "I don't say we won't pay a very high price with the blood of our youth. That's why we have to have international intervention."

The revolutionary council is looking for foreign help. It has called for the imposition of a no-fly zone to give protection against air attacks. Bugaighis said that diplomatic approaches "include requests for everything", including a plea for weapons supplies. But the council does not want a foreign army on its soil.

"The youth don't want military intervention. The revolutionary council took that on board. As Arabs, we have a very bad history of enduring foreign military intervention," she said. "People think of it as an invasion. So we want a no-fly zone and air strikes against Gaddafi under the UN."

In an attempt to improve the military situation, the revolutionary council has appointed a former officer in Gaddafi's army who took part in the 1969 coup that brought him to power, Omar Hariri, as commander of the rebel forces. It is also trying to stop young men with guns but no training from pouring towards the front line.

"We pleaded with the youth not to go because it may be a plot by Gaddafi to empty Benghazi of its youth. They don't have any experience of fighting. We have called on them to come back," said Bugaighis. "We don't know how long it will last but we don't have any choice but to continue. I'm determined to win. I don't intend to die but if this is the price ... "




Latest updated "frontline" news:
Libya Live Blog - March 10 (Al-Jazeera)
Libya uprising - live updates (Guardian)

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Why no-fly won't fly (Asia Times, 3.10)


진보블로그 공감 버튼트위터로 리트윗하기페이스북에 공유하기딜리셔스에 북마크

리비아: 反카다피 혁명(#5)

Today is the 21st day of the popular uprising (or rather People's Liberation War!!) against the dictatorship of Muammar"The Butcher"Gaddafi and revolutionary forces across the country are battling forces loyal to "The Butcher" in their bid to overthrow his regime...


Latest news: A leading member of Libya's ruling establishment appealed to rebel leaders for dialogue on Monday, in the clearest sign yet Muammar Gaddafi may be ready to compromise with opponents challenging his rule. Jadallah Azous Al-Talhi, a Libyan prime minister in the 1980s who is originally from eastern Libya, appeared on state television reading an address to elders in Benghazi, the main base of the anti-Gaddafi rebels. He asked them to "give a chance to national dialogue to resolve this crisis, to help stop the bloodshed, and not give a chance to foreigners to come and capture our country again." (source: Reuters

Meanwhile Al-Sharq al-Awsat reports that the Libyan dictator wants rebels to drop demands to try him in international court, guarantee his security as well as that of his family and funds in exchange for his departure from country

Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi will resign and leave the country on condition that he and his family receive guarantees they will not be harmed, the London-based al-Sharq al-Awsat reported today. No official confirmation has been given.

The report cites "reliable" Libyan sources in Benghazi as saying that Gaddafi vowed to announce his resignation and the transfer of authority to rebels in Benghazi before his parliament if his security, his family's security, and his funds are preserved.  

Gaddafi also wants rebels to help him leave the country for the destination of his choice, and to relinquish their demand to try him in international courts for crimes against humanity, the report says.

The sources added that preparations for Gaddafi's departure had already begun, among them the spreading of a rumor that he had had a stroke.

"There has so far been no official response to Gaddafi's proposal, negative or positive," the paper was told. However, the sources hinted that rebels would not consider any negotiations with the Libyan leader.


Related updated news you'll get here:



진보블로그 공감 버튼트위터로 리트윗하기페이스북에 공유하기딜리셔스에 북마크

리비아: 反카다피 혁명(#4)


While the people's mass struggle for Libya's liberation enters the third week, since the last night the regime strikes back - merciless and bloody, according to latest news reports.

But at the same time Muammar "The Butcher" Gaddafi presented to his remaining supporters and the int'l audience (via some int'l media representatives) his "viewpoint" about the current situation in the country (i.e. just an extended version of his already wellknown hallucinations) during a televised address to mark 34 years of so-called "People Power".

Here a kind of protocol(recorded by The Guardian):

12.36am(local time): Gaddafi has just began speaking in Tripoli, following a lengthy fawning introduction from one of his supporters.

He extends his congratulations to the Libyan people for the creation of the people's authority on this day in 1977. He said it marks the day he rid the country of colonial powers, citing the US and the UK, and handed the power to the people.

12.41am: The people's authority represents a "true democracy" without any parliament or elections (!), says Gaddafi.

"Authority and power is in the hands of the people and only the people."

We give no power to any king or president, he says.

The Libyan system "is not comprehended by the world".

"I carried out a revolution in the 70s, handed over power to the people and then rested."

12.49am: People come to me for advice and "cultural influence", says Gaddafi.

He's talking about the formation of the Libyan bar association (for lawyers) for some reason, saying he did not want to interfere in its formation.

Talking about himself in the third person: "Muammar Gaddafi has no power, he is not president."
He's interrupted by chants of support. "The people improvised these chants [the implication being they haven't been told to shout support for him] and voiced them. Millions of the Libyan people marched chanting my name."

"The whole Libyan people have told me they are willing to die for me."

More chants...

12.57am: The crowds are chanting: "We swear by God, we can never abandon our leader."

Gaddafi says: "These chants are newly authored by the Libyan people." Once more he tries to emphasise the show of support is not staged!

Gaddafi says: "Libya was just like Lebanon and Liberia (chosen for alliteration?) but now it is free."

"How come Muammar Gaddafi bought Italy to its knees...forced Italy to apologise to the Libyan people?"

He says Libya forced the Americans out.

After more chanting Gaddafi asks people: "Please be calm"

If you look at the protests shown by the foreign media you would imagine the whole world wants to label Gaddafi as a criminal, he says, but how come all the people on the ground support him.

01.04pm: Back onto a familiar ground as Gaddafi accuses al Qaida of being behind the violence in Libya.

Operatives have settled in certain areas and formed dormant cells.

"Suddenly this dormant cell in al Bayda launched an attack against the battalion. They attacked the police station."

Gaddafi says this is how the protests started. "When the assault was launched the battalion received orders not to return fire."

The Libyan leader says people then took arms and took control of al Bayda.

"The same infection has spread over to Benghazi, the birthplace of martyrs, of Omar Mukhtar."

Again he says he told the battalion to abandon the camp and go home.

01.13pm: I decided that all weapons depots should be destroyed to avoid them falling into the hands of "terrorists", says Gaddafi.

"The whole world knows about al Qaida."

It is an "absolute lie" that peaceful demonstrations are being fired upon.

"Libya does not like foreign correspondents," says Gaddafi, explaining why none were in the country before the uprising began.

"There were no peaceful demonstrations at all in Libya, as I told you it was a terrorist attack."

"The terrorist operatives are wreaking havoc, raping woman on a daily basis."

He says the "terrorists" freed people from jail and handed them weapons (which is exactly what he has been accused of doing, as well as employing foreign mercenaries).

01.19pm: There are no peaceful demonstrations at all, Gaddafi says. It is a conspiracy to control Libya's oil.

We will fight to the last drop of blood to defend Libyan territory inch by inch, he says.

01.22pm: Libya will stop producing and exporting oil, Gaddafi says.

01.23pm: If the demonstrations in Libya were peaceful, Gaddafi asks, why would foreign countries be withdrawing their citizens and companies their workers?

01.25pm: This – the withdrawal of foreigners – is clear proof that what is happening is attacks launched by armed gangs against these companies, Gaddafi claims.

They depicted Libya as fallen, he says. Libya will live on and it is them that will fall.

The crowds start chanting: "If we are abandoned by the whole world, we will not abandon our leader."

01.28pm: In Bayda and Benghazi committees should be formed to find out who killed whom, Gaddafi says. The UN can send fact-finding committees to prove we did not fire a single bullet against peaceful civilians, he says.

He attacks the idea of the UN handing down resolutions based only on media reports.

01.35pm: Back to al-Qaida. They do not have demands. They are limited in number. Their slogan is: "Killing, killing, killing." They do not compromise. Gaddafi wishes they had demands so they could negotiate

01.38pm: Al-Qaida in the Islamic Maghreb are operatic from a mosque or "snake hole" brainwashing the youth, Gaddafi claims. That's different from Egypt and Tunisia, he says.

02.09pm: We are not like Darfur or Iraq, Gaddafi says; we do not need foreign aid. Anyone who talks about that will be considered a traitor who has committed high treason. That would open the door to colonialism. We have enough supplies...

Etc, etc...

Summary: After all, according to "The Butcher", there are no anti-gov't protests at all... all the previous and current demonstrations in the country are SUPPORTING the regime... of course there are NO political prisoners... etc, etc...


Related/updated reports you'll get on Al-Jazeera!!



진보블로그 공감 버튼트위터로 리트윗하기페이스북에 공유하기딜리셔스에 북마크

리비아: 反카다피 혁명(#2)


Libya is drowning in blood. The confirmed death toll so far, cited by Human Rights Watch and world media, is at least 300, but in reality it is certainly higher - according to estimates by the Italian foreign minister, possibly 1,000. Witnesses cited by The New York Times on Tuesday claimed that pro-government militias were carting away bodies of protesters; the capital Tripoli was described as a "war zone", "littered with dead bodies". Gaddafi allegedly used practically all means available - including snipers, imported militias roaming the streets and firing indiscriminately, warplanes, helicopters and even naval bombardment.

But the ongoing massacres will not save the Libyan dictator. While, according to reports, he is gradually consolidating his hold on the capital and some western parts of the country, his overall situation is grave. He has lost control over practically the entire eastern half of Libya, where the greater part of the oil wealth is concentrated. While some sources even are claiming that "90 percent of the country are liberated", Saadi al-Gaddafi (one of the dictator's seven sons) said today: "85 percent of Libya are very quiet and complete secure"(^^)...

Latest news:
After Obama says 'suffering and bloodshed is outrageous, unacceptable,' European official tells
al-Quds al-Arabi "NATO, US warplanes stationed in Italy may be ordered to take down Libyan planes". Wall Street Journal: "Washington fears Gaddafi may use mustard gas against protestors"...
At the same time AP reports: "NATO Secretary-General Anders Fogh Rasmussen says the Western military alliance will not intervene in the Libyan conflict".

Last but not least:
Also Gaza's current rulers are "supporting" the Libyan uprising, but their "solidarity" is just f*cking bizarre!
"He who threatens to fight his people till the last man or woman standing is a criminal. Gaddafi will  be toppled just lke Ben Ali was toppled in Tunisia and Mubarak in Egypt,” said Hamas spokesman Hammad al-Raqab speaking at demonstrations staged by the Islamic University's Islamic bloc in Gaza. "We hoped [Gaddafi] would have struck Tel Aviv and Israel with these planes,” he added. (Palestinian Information Center, 2.23)


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Gaddafi: The West's Pet Dictator (Berliner Zeitung, 2.23)

For more updated info please check out:
Libya Uprising (al-Jazeera's special coverage section)


진보블로그 공감 버튼트위터로 리트윗하기페이스북에 공유하기딜리셔스에 북마크

리비아: 反카다피 혁명(#1)


Armed forces, incl. many foreign mercenaries, loyal to Muammar Gaddafi are waging a bloody operation - i.e. a COUNTER-REVOLUTIONARY MASSACRE - to keep his clan's dictatorship in power, with residents reporting gunfire in parts of the capital Tripoli and other cities, while other citizens, including the country's former ambassador to India, are saying that warplanes were used to "bomb" protesters.
   Between 300 and 500 people are reported to have been killed in continuing anti-democratic terror campaign across the north African country as demonstrations enter their second week.

Today's Asia Times(HK) has a very impressive piece, written by P. Escobar:

'Brother' Gaddafi, you're going down

You know the fat lady is about to sing when a dictator unleashes hell from above over his own unarmed, civilian compatriots, and bombs parts of his capital city. That's a bridge too far even by the unspeakable standards of Western-backed dictators in the Arab world.

You know the (ghastly) show may be over when Sheikh Yousef al-Qaradawi, one of the most popular Sunni authorities in the world, not least because of his weekly show on al-Jazeera, issues a fatwa - "I am issuing a fatwa now to kill [Muammar] Gaddafi. To any soldier, to any man who can pull the trigger and kill this man to do so" - and then prays live, on al-Jazeera, for the end of the Libyan dictator ("O Lord save the Libyans from this pharaoh." When he finishes, the al-Jazeera anchor says "Amen").

You know the bells are ringing when your "Abu Omar Brigade", responsible for your protection, is still on a rampage; but your ambassadors around the world defect en masse; your own deputy ambassador to the United Nations, Ibrahim Omar al-Dabashi, says your government is carrying out genocide; your fighter pilots refuse to bomb your cities; your military officers, in a statement, ask all members of the army to head to Tripoli and depose you; a coalition of Islamic leaders tells all Muslims it is their duty to rebel against you because of your "bloody crimes against humanity"; and to top it off, people are calling for a "million man march" following the Egyptian model.

And what about the Maltese Falcons? In a day of volcanic activity, it's hard to beat the spectacular defection of two colonels of the Libyan Air Force, who flew their Mirages to Malta. They had refused to bomb protesters in Benghazi, telling Maltese authorities they had come so close to carrying out their mission that they could see the crowds on the ground. They also passed "classified" information about what the Libyan military has been up to.

And all this in just one day - Monday.

It was not enough to deploy "black African" mercenaries in a shoot-to-kill rampage in Benghazi. Already on Sunday, Sheikh Faraj al-Zuway, leader of the crucial al-Zuwayya tribe in eastern Libya, had threatened to cut oil exports to the West within 24 hours unless what he called the "oppression of protesters" in Benghazi was stopped.

Akram Al-Warfalli, a leader of the al-Warfalla tribe, one of Libya's biggest, in the south of Tripoli, had told al-Jazeera Gaddafi is "no longer a brother, we tell you to leave the country". The 500,000-strong Berber, Tuaregs from the southern desert, are also against him. When you have four of your key tribes - the spine of your system - marching on Tripoli to get rid of you, you better watch out.

History may eventually register how Gaddafi's appalling 41-year rule in Libya (he was already in power when "Tricky Dicky" Richard Nixon was the United States president) virtually collapsed in only 24 hours. There will be blood - a lot of blood; but "brother" is about to go down...

'Rivers of blood will run through Libya'
The beginning of the end was classic Arab dictator stuff; Saif al-Islam al-Gaddafi, looking like an upscale bouncer in suit and tie, went on Libyan state TV on Sunday night instead of his father to deliver a threatening/repellent/pathetic speech that only infuriated the Libyan masses even more, after six days of protests in the historic Cyrenaica region.

After threatening to "eradicate the pockets of sedition" (echoes of Iran's leadership eradicating protests last week) Gaddafi's "modernizing" son said Libyans risked igniting a civil war in which Libya's oil wealth "will be burned".

In 2009, Said received a PhD from the London School of Economics (LSE) with a thesis titled "The Role of Civil Society in the Democratization of Global Governance Institutions: From 'Soft Power' to Collective Decision-Making". Last year he delivered a lecture about it at the LSE (listen to it here.)

Isn't wonderful that the ghastliest dictators in the world may send their offspring to the best schools in the world where they can appease the West's false consciousness while back at home they openly threaten their own people and go for sniper fire, automatic weapons and heavy artillery against their unarmed compatriots?

It's doubtful the LSE taught Saif how to ignite a flash civil war with just a rant. But that's what he accomplished.

Libyan writer Faouzi Abdelhamid - comparing the name Saif al-Islam ("sword of Islam") with Saif al-I'dam ("sword of execution") came out all guns blazing, calling the whole Gaddafi clan criminals and thieves; "You don't even have the right of living among us as ordinary citizens, because you're guilty of high treason".

By the time Saif was delivering his threats, the eastern city of Benghazi had already fallen to the protesters. Tripoli was next, on Monday. With the regime blocking all phone lines, all day Monday occasional, frantic tweets relayed all sorts of terrifying rumors and facts - inevitably clouded by the ominous sound of live ammunition. Helicopters raining bullets down on people in the streets below. Fighter jets launching strikes. Snipers firing from building tops.

Schools, government offices and most stores in Tripoli were closed, with armed "Revolutionary Committees", ie regime thugs, patrolling the streets hunting for protesters in Tripoli's old city. According to Salem Gnan, a London-based spokesman for the National Front for the Salvation of Libya, 80 people may have died when protesters surrounded Gaddafi's residence and were shot at from inside the compound.

As the People's Hall - where the parliament meets when it is in session in Tripoli - was set on fire and all cities south of Tripoli were progressively being "liberated", al-Jazeera managed to trace the source of jamming of its Arabsat satellite frequency to a Libyan intelligence building south of the capital.

Ahmed Elgazir, a human-rights researcher with the Libyan News Center (LNC) in Geneva, later told al-Jazeera he got a call for help from a woman witnessing a massacre in progress on a satellite phone. Eyewitnesses reported to Agence France-Presse another "massacre" in the Fashloum and Tajoura districts of Tripoli. By late Monday night, the (unconfirmed) death toll in Tripoli alone had reached at least 250.

Among Libyans, virtually all information all around the country was and remains word of mouth. But tweets that reached al-Jazeera or the BBC also emphasized a profound disgust with the deafening silence of the "international community" ("Are we only worth mentioning when it has to do with oil and terrorism?")

Round up the oily condemnations
Said "international community" indeed started noticing when the Libyan Quryna newspaper reported protests had broken out in the northern city of Ras Lanuf, whose oil refinery processes 220,000 barrels a day.

Yes, apart from Gaddafi's antics, Libya registers in the West because it exports 1.7 million barrels of oil a day. Its gross domestic product is US$77 billion - number 62 in world rankings; that theoretically implies a per capita income of over $12,000 a year, more, for instance, than BRIC member Brazil. But profound inequality is the norm; roughly 35% of Libyans live below the poverty line, and unemployment is running at an unbearable 30%. The oil wealth stays in Tripolitania. Eastern Libya - Cyrenaica - where the anti-Gaddafi revolution started, is dirt poor.

In the high-stakes front, the Libyan Investment Authority (LIA) - also owner of a London-based hedge fund - has invested more than $70 billion around the world. It's a major shareholder, for instance, in the Financial Times, Fiat and one of Italy's top soccer clubs, Juventus. LIA invests - and plans to invest - billions in Britain.

Cue to the European Union (EU) foreign ministers issuing the usual, bland, bureaucratic condemnation. At least Italian Prime Minister, "bunga bunga" idol and close Gaddafi pal Silvio Berlusconi, who had said earlier he didn't want to "disturb" his friend, had to qualify the massacre of civilians as "unacceptable" and profess he was "alarmed". To see Berlusconi literally kissing Gaddafi's hands, go here No less than 32% of Libya's oil exports go to Italy.

Then there's another classic - Washington's deafening silence. US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton issued the standard bland condemnation. Libyan-American scientist and activist Naeem Gheriany told the Institute for Public Accuracy the Barack Obama administration "says it's 'concerned' about the situation - there's no real condemnation in spite of the dire situation. People are being massacred in the hundreds, Gaddafi is reportedly using anti-aircraft guns to shoot people. In a few days, more people in Libya have apparently been killed than in weeks in Iran, Tunisia, Bahrain, Yemen and even Egypt (which has a much larger population) ... Even the oil cannot justify this silence."

Not to mention that Washington and Gaddafi have been the best "war on terror" pals. Captured al-Qaeda operative Ibn al-Sheikh al-Libi - the object of a Central Intelligence Agency "rendition" to former Egyptian president Hosni Mubarak and Omar "Sheikh al-Torture" Suleiman, who duly tortured him into confessing to a non-existent Saddam-al-Qaeda weapons of mass destruction connection that then-secretary of state Colin Powell used as "intelligence" at his United Nations speech in February 2003 - was later tracked in Libya by Human Rights Watch just to end up his life as an alleged "suicide".

Milan villa or The Hague?

Libyan opposition writer Ashour Shamis has remarked, "For Gaddafi it's kill or be killed". The family told Saudi paper al-Sharq al-Awsat, "We will all die on Libyan soil." That means Gaddafi and a row of hated offspring.

Son Khamis - the commander of an elite special forces unit, trained in Russia - is the mastermind of the repression in Benghazi. Son Saadi is, or was there too, alongside the head of military intelligence, Abdullah al-Senussi.

Son Muatassim is Gaddafi's national security adviser and, until now, possible successor. In 2009, he tried to set up his own special forces unit to erode Khamis's power.

Son Saif, the "modernizer" with an LSE diploma, cuts no mustard with the regime's old guard and the dreaded "Revolutionary Committees".

Son Saadi is basically a thug fond of raising hell across nightclubs in Europe. Same applies to son Hannibal.

It all looks and sounds like a cheap blood-splattered gangster movie. What to make of Gaddafi's bizarre 20-second appearance on state TV early this Tuesday ("I'm in Tripoli, not in Venezuela"), clutching an umbrella, sitting inside a cream-colored microvan and sporting a winter hat with ear flaps, with no clue of what is going on? (After all he was supporting his pals, Tunisia's Zine el-Abidine Ben Ali, and to Mubarak, until the very end). He defined TV channels - such as al-Jazeera - as "dogs" (in the 1980s he had already used hit squads to murder exiled "stray dogs" who challenged his revolution).

Still, Gaddafi should not be underestimated. He controls all the hardware - defense, security, foreign affairs. Plus all those "black African" mercenaries/exterminators paid in gold. Yemen's Ali Abdullah Saleh said Yemen was not Egypt or Tunisia. Gaddafi said Libya was not Egypt or Tunisia. Mubarak said Egypt was not Tunisia.

They were all wrong; the entire Arab world now is Tunisia. The Libyan masses hate "their" leader. Even fellow Arab dictators - with the exception of the House of Saud - hate him. He has few expat options. Venezuela's Hugo Chavez would be crazy to offer him asylum and forever destroy his "champion of the poor" credibility.

Well, there's always Berlusconi. Nice villa near Milan, great pasta, and he can pitch his Bedouin tent in the luxurious gardens. And if Berlusconi is sent to jail in his "Rubygate"-related trial in April, Gaddafi may even move up to the main residence. But, after you bombed your own citizens from the air, and hired mercenaries to shoot them, there is only one choice destination: the International Criminal Court in The Hague.



For more (updated)info, reports and analysis please check out:
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Libya erupts as Gaddafi clings on - live updates (Guardian, 2.22)
Overthrow of Libya's regime won't look like Egypt or Tunisia (Haaretz, 2.22)


진보블로그 공감 버튼트위터로 리트윗하기페이스북에 공유하기딜리셔스에 북마크

이집트: 反정권투쟁 (#6)

Today is the 10th day of the Popular Uprising in Egypt and the 2nd day of organized


Latest news:

Bursts of heavy gunfire aimed at pro-democracy demonstrators in Cairo's Tahrir Square, left at least five people dead and more than 800 wounded, according to reports from Egyptian television on Thursday.

"The real casualties taken to hospital were 836, of which 86 are still in hospital and there are five dead," Health Minister Ahmed Samih Farid told state television by telephone. According to independent sources: more than 1,500 people were injured since y'day afternoon...

Sustained bursts of automatic weapons fire and powerful single shots began at around around 4am (local time) and was ongoing more than an hour.

Today's gunfire marks an escalation of tensions, which began y'day afternoon when well-organized supporters (incl. hundreds of plain-clothed police and "state security" officers) of the "ruling" regime charged into Tahrir Square - some on horses and camels - clashing with pro-democracy demonstrators gathered there.

The situation right now (3pm, local time) in Cairo: "According to eye witnesses in Abdelmonaem Ryad square next to Tharir square Mubarak loyalists are preparing firebombs to attack protesters in the area", al-Jazeera reports.

3:30pm (local time) Al-Arabiya reports: "Heavy gunfire on bridge leading to Tahrir Square".


For more about today's latest news please check out:
Egypt protests - live updates (Guardian)
Live blog Feb 3 - Egypt protests (al-Jazeera)


진보블로그 공감 버튼트위터로 리트윗하기페이스북에 공유하기딜리셔스에 북마크

이집트: 反정권투쟁 (#5)

Today is the 9th day of the  UPRISING IN EGYPT

But - to cut a long story short - it seems that today the "ruling" regime wants to smash the uprising by inciting a kind of CIVIL WAR!

1PM(local time in Egypt): "There is a massive fight of some kind of going on right in front of me. I'm assuming that it's pro and anti Mubarak supporters," an eyewitness reported  from Tahrir Square. The security services are just sitting on their tanks watching, he says. "You can't help feeling that it has all been heavily coordinated," he says. "It's an extraordinary turnaround."

2PM(local time in Egypt): "Hundreds of well organized armed (with iron rods, rocks and knifes) pro-Mubarak forces, supported by riot police, are attacking the unarmed anti-gov't protesters", al-Jazeera reports. CNN, at the same time: "The army stays on the sidlines, just watching the battles."

Already in the morning the army ordered the anti-gov't protesters to stop the demonstrations and to go home immediately...

Related reports from the "front Line":
Clashes break out in Tahrir Square (al-Jazeera, 2.02)
Egypt protests - live updates (Guardian, 2.02)




진보블로그 공감 버튼트위터로 리트윗하기페이스북에 공유하기딜리셔스에 북마크

이집트: 反정권투쟁 (#4)

Today is the 8th day of the


Here (some of) the latest news:

At noon (local time in Egypt) al-Jazeera reported that  "About 1,000,000 people have gathered for the planned  'Million Man March'  (MMM) in the Egyptian capital, calling for Hosni Mubarak, to step down."

Despite the Egyptian "authorities'" attempts to disrupt the anti-gov't protests by blocking the entire public traffic, the country prepared since last night for the MMM expected to leave central Cairo in the afternoon.

Tens of thousands of people arrived at the Tahrir Square since the early morning, joining about 10,000 protesters who violated the curfew and spent the night there.


Many protesters spent the night on the square, unbowed by the presence of troops and tanks

AFP reported in the morning: "Several hundred thousand Egyptians massed Tuesday for the biggest outpouring of anger yet in their drive to oust President Hosni Mubarak, on day eight of a revolt in which an estimated 300 have died".

Meanwhile al-Arabiya reported that "ElBaradei, one of the leaders of the Egyptian uprising, set a deadline for President Hosni Mubarak, calling on him to leave the country by Friday".

"Mubarak will fall!!"

For more updated news please check out
[2.01] Egypt protests - live updates (Guardian)


진보블로그 공감 버튼트위터로 리트윗하기페이스북에 공유하기딜리셔스에 북마크

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