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    혼란:민주노총의 새해인사
    no chr.!
  2. 1970/01/01
    민주노총 추석 귀향 선전전
    no chr.!


Scandal!! Chinese Communist Party and government is threatening S. Korean entrepreneurs with "labour rights for Chinese workers", i.e. expropriation, deportation, mass executions etc.. At least with a new (of course communist) Culture Revolution!!!
The Roh administration - aka the so-called "south Korean 'government'" (KCNA) - is considering to call an emergency meeting of the U.N. Security Council because of the feared, no doubt already scheduled massive violations (by the Red Guards, the PLA, etc..) of the human rights against (the poor) S. Korean exploiters..


"Let's march for the New Labour Law!

And if they (S.K. capitalists) don't want to listen..(*)



Well, it seems that S. Korean capitalists, who are involved in the exploitation of the Chinese working class are going crazy since they'd to learn that the gov't in Beijing is planning to pass a new stronger labour law. Just read following article, published in Korea Times (7.02):

Firms Worry Over China’s Labor Law

An alarm is ringing for Korean firms operating in China after Beijing passed a stronger labor law aimed at protecting workers' right last week.

When the new law goes into effect in January 2008, it will reduce labor flexibility and increase operational risks for Korean firms while improving the basic rights of local workers, experts say.

The impact is expected to be heavier on small independent firms that account for 98 percent of Korean businesses operating in China, while conglomerates and other big firms are better prepared for the change.

``The Chinese government has passed the Contract Labor Law that has a heavy focus on workers' rights. There is a high possibility that labor costs will go up for foreign firms,'' said Kim Kyung-yong, a senior manager of the Asian team at the Korea International Trade Association (KITA), an interest group representing some 65,000 companies. ``Firms have to cope with the changes while they still have the time to do so.''

Kim said KITA has invited a Korean lawyer based in Beijing to give a presentation on the new labor law today in Seoul. More than 250 firms have enrolled for the conference despite the short notice, he said.

The new law passed the Chinese legislature with strong support from the public after a series of reports were published on poor working conditions and compensation at workplaces. Most foreign firms have welcomed the law, at least on the surface.

The law has some provisions that can be considered too rigid to the eyes of Korean employers, who generally anticipate lower wages and less stringent labor regulations in China than here.

For example, the law will ensure people who have worked more than 15 years or ones within five years of retirement will not be fired in any eventuality. Also, interns and other probationary workers must be paid more than 80 percent of regular wages.

Workers can get a lifetime contract from their employers when they complete two short-term contracts. It also gives greater power to labor unions for collective bargaining and the implementation of new employment regulations...






* ..be ready to smash them!!"





China's legislature approves new labor law (IHT, 6.29)

China amends new labor law draft (Xinhua, 6.28)


진보블로그 공감 버튼트위터로 리트윗하기페이스북에 공유하기딜리셔스에 북마크

6.29 反한미FTA 대회

Today, June 29. Marking the end of the 5-day "general strike" against the ROK-US FTA and a (temporary) highlight: about 20,000 activists (according to Voice of People) - workers, farmers, students.. - took, since the early afternoon, the streets of Seoul..



Yonhap wrote: S. Korea hit by massive protests against FTA with U.S.

Tens of thousands of workers and anti-U.S. activists rallied Friday in central Seoul in monsoon rains to oppose a free trade agreement (FTA) between South Korea and the United States.
The rallies come on the heels of a five-day strike against the trade pact by unionized metal workers across the country.





In the early evening (around 6:30 pm) the rally turned into a "illegal demonstration" (so the cops) after about 1,500 activists took the streets near Anguk-dong. Thousands of riot cops were busy to block the protestors.. See the (Korean) report by Tongil News. Later between 2,000 and 3,000 activists occupied one of Seoul's main intersections (Boshin-gak/Jong-gak subway stn.).







(Source of the pics: VoP, OhmyNews, Tongil News)




More about today's rallies and demonstrations (in Korean):


노동자.농민 등 2만여명 서울 도심서 한미FTA저지 시위 (VoP)

한미FTA 체결 저지 범국민대회 (OhmyNews)

反FTA 대규모 전국 집회 개최 (P. Times, incl. many pics)

6월 29일 FTA반대 집회 (more pics..)


The S.K. bourgeois media about the strike:

Hyundai Motor union workers strike for 2nd day (Yonhap)

Anti-FTA labor strike grows on fourth day (JoongAng Ilbo)

Hyundai, Kia Unions Join in 4-Hour Nationwide Strike (Chosun Ilbo)



Statement by "All Together" (다함께), released 6.20 (translated by "marc"/THANX a lot!!):


The government, conservative media and employers are going mad over shattering the strike of Steel Industries Union for detering the KORUS FTA. They are especially focusing their attack on Hyundai Motors branch which is in the leading position within the Union of Steel Industry.

One of the most disgusting logics they hold is that "(Union members) will get the most benefit in terms of the stability of their employment and the increase of their income", which is the same logic as what developed.
But it is not certain that KORUS FTA will increase the export of automobiles. Many people say that local production within the US has already been expanded and that the import of Japanese cars will be increased.

Even if the export to the US market increases, the workers will not be benefited automatically. Over the last few years, automobile export highly expanded, but the unstabilty of employment worsened and the number of casual workers increased. During this process, it was protest and strike that defended the employment and income of the laborors.

Most of all, the heart of KORUS FTA is in 'restructuring'. also emphasized that its heart is to make a system of competition in which more blood is shod and more casualties are created.

Conservative presses condemns this coming strike to be "an illegal, undemocratic and political strke which has not gone through the process of voting among the union members." However, it is a sensational lie. The strike was decided by the overwhelming support after democratic debates among the delegates elected by the union members. What is really undemocratic is the FTA negotiation process which was carried out without opening any information to the people.

한미FTA 반대 파업은 정당하다

Read also:

금속노조의'한미FTA 저지 총파업'을 사수하자! (노동자의힘, 6.22)


Despite "monsoon rains" (Yonhap News) the riot cops used also water cannons - or better said "mobile fountains"(??^^!!) against the demo: 




그야 말로









진보블로그 공감 버튼트위터로 리트윗하기페이스북에 공유하기딜리셔스에 북마크

내일(金) 오후3시..







Before that there will be rallies..


by 민주노총:
일시 : 오후1시
장소 : 대학로


by 전국노점상연합:
한미FTA체결저지를 위해 노무현대통령 규탄하며 민중생존권을 철저히 파괴시키는
FTA의 본질을 폭로하고자, 범국민총궐기대회를 개최코자합니다.
동지들의 강한 연대와 투쟁이 필요한 시기입니다.
일시 : 오후1시 30분
장소 : 종묘






Police Looking to Arrest Strike Leaders (Chosun Ilbo)

Government authorities sought arrest warrants for 17 key officials of the Korean Metal Workers' Union for their unyielding plan to stage a general strike against the Korea-U.S. free trade agreement. Police were granted arrest warrants for 10 of them on Wednesday night. The metal union has vowed to wage the anti-FTA strike starting Thursday.

The 17 union leaders include KMWU Chairman Chung Kap-deuk and the heads of affiliate unions. A clash between the government and labor organizations seems inevitable. An attempt to arrest union leaders before a strike is an unusual move.

Police sent summons to 23 executives of the metal worker's union on Monday, but the executives declined to show. Police sent subpoenas again on Tuesday, but the union leaders again refused to turn themselves in, prompting police to seek arrest warrants for the 17 key officials.

The government plans to bring criminal charges against the unionists, calling the planned strike illegal since it is aimed at opposing the trade treaty and is not related to the improvement of working conditions, and was decided on without proper procedures.

The KMWU leadership unilaterally decided to stage the anti-FTA strike without putting the matter to a vote among union members.








* some "inmates" of the "lunatic asylum" will have an afternoon/evening out (eeh~ sorry, really sorry!!^^)



진보블로그 공감 버튼트위터로 리트윗하기페이스북에 공유하기딜리셔스에 북마크

한미FTA저지 '총파업' #2

"With a nationwide walkout scheduled by the (Korean Metal Workers') union for Thursday and Friday, protests against the strikers sprouted in different parts of the country.
About 50 members of the anti-FTA Korean Confederation of Trade Unions attacked a protest by civic activists in front of the Ulsan branch of the Korea Chamber of Commerce and Industry yesterday", the rightwing conservative JoongAng Daily reported today, not without some malicious joy (Schadenfreude!!).

So it seems that there are/will be more news from the "lunatic asylum"...

The (reactionary) Chosun Ilbo reported today - in my opinion with much satisfaction - following about the recent developments in the case of the "Anti-FTA General (^^) Strike" by KMWF:

4,000 Ulsan Residents Rally Against Hyundai Strike 
Residents of the city of Ulsan, which is home to Hyundai Motor's flagship plant, called on the carmaker's union to cancel a planned political strike.
Some 4,000 members from 140 civic, social and economic groups staged a rally in front of the Hyundai Motor plant in Yangjung-dong in Ulsan on Tuesday afternoon, urging the union to cancel the strike.

It's the first time Ulsan residents have gathered in such force against the union, which has staged strikes almost every year since it was founded 20 years ago.

Members of civic groups wearing shoulder bands chanted slogans and held signs saying, "Withdraw from the political strike." They also handed out flyers against the strike to union members and local shopkeepers.

The demonstrators urged the union to cancel its plan to participate in a strike scheduled for Thursday and Friday to protest the Korea-U.S. free trade agreement.

The union, however, refused to call off the strike. "The strike against the Korea-U.S. FTA is a fight for the ultimate goals of protecting union members' right to a livelihood and Ulsan's economy. There will be no withdrawal," it said.

Before the rally on Tuesday, 50 members of the Korean Confederation of Trade Unions held a press conference in front of the Ulsan Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

"Why are civic groups against union efforts to prevent worsening labor conditions caused by the FTA?" they demanded. Some of the unionists then created a disturbance by breaking things in the building's lobby.

Meanwhile, the Korean Metal Workers' Union continued to strike in the Seoul metropolitan area and South Jeolla Province. However, only 3,300 or 5.4 percent of 61,000 union members participated in Tuesday's actions, down from 11.5 percent the day before.






Tension escalating over anti-FTA strikes (K. Herald)



진보블로그 공감 버튼트위터로 리트윗하기페이스북에 공유하기딜리셔스에 북마크

한미FTA저지 '총파업' #1

Since weeks the (South) Korean Metal Workers' Federation (KMWF/금속노조), a major part of KCTU, is planning a "General Strike Against the Implementation of the ROK-US FTA" for this week.

But what is happen now, according to the latest articles/news.. sounds just like reports from a "lunatic asylum" (eeh.. sorry!!):

The metal workers' union will stage partial walkouts for five days from Monday to

protest the free trade agreement (FTA) between South Korea and the United

States, despite opposition both from its own members and the government.
   But the strike plan is not likely to be carried out, as the majority of the unionists

are opposing the collective action, today's edition of Korea Times wrote.


Labor Minister Lee Sang-soo hinted last Thursday that the government will use the police force to crackdown "illegal labor strikes against a Korea-U.S. FTA" scheduled for this week. 
   "Although (the government) tended to refrain from mobilizing law enforcement authorities in the past, this time, we will strictly deal with the strike from the beginning stage," Lee said at a press conference, according to Korea Herald (KH, 6.22)
   The ministers of labor, justice and commerce issued a joint statement urging the metal workers' union to scrap its plan to stage a strike in protest of the free trade agreement with the United States.
   Lee also said the walkout plans of the Korean Confederation of Trade Unions and its affiliate, Korean Metal Workers' Union, are clearly illegal, politically motivated and irrelevant to improving working conditions (KH).


..The (KMWF) union chief .. said that despite public concern, the strike will cause no loss to the economy.
   “During the strike, there will be no disruption in vehicle production at about 230 of

our workplaces,” said Jung, adding that the negative effects of the strike have

been distorted..
   Jung Gap-deuk, president of the Metal Workers Union.. (in) a press conference..

said the strike will inevitably stop the ratification of the free trade agreement, which

he said will eventually worsen the living conditions of workers across the country.
   “The strike is an expression of our determination to continue to fight to defend

people’s lives and workers’ rights,” Jung said. “The FTA might be a chance for

some conglomerates to increase profits, but it would be a disaster for the majority

of workers and the public in general." (JoongAng Ilbo, 6.23)

At the same day the same newspaper published following bull shit:
"What nerve they have! Do they want to ruin everything?"


And finally Yonhap reported following y'day:

Hyundai Motor union kills strike

The labor union at Hyundai Motor Co. on Sunday withdrew its plan to take part in an industry-wide strike against a proposed South Korea-U.S. free trade agreement.

   The 40,000-member union had originally planned to join a five-day strike called by its national umbrella labor group starting on Monday. Hyundai Motor's unionists had planned to walk out two hours a day during the period.

   The decision to call off the labor action was made at a meeting of union leaders at the automaker's main plant in Ulsan, a southeastern industrial city. The union leaders cited "unfavorable" public sentiment against their strike plan.

Related articles:

Government hints at using police to prevent strikes (K. Herald, 6.22)

Metal Workers: anti-FTA strike will go forward (JoongAng Ilbo, 6.23)

FTA strike illegal, harmful

Hyundai Motor Union Cancels Strike (K. Times, 6.25)

More about it (incl. my comment) likely later.. when I've got hopefully some translations..

진보블로그 공감 버튼트위터로 리트윗하기페이스북에 공유하기딜리셔스에 북마크

독일 텔레콤 파업..

After six weeks of strike, thousands of  German Telecom (DT) workers participated, against the plan of DT to outsourcing of 50,000 employees with the effect that they have to work four hours more per week (without payment) and the wages will be reduced by 8 per cent, today the Labour Union (Ver.di) and the DT found an agreement. The final result: Four hours more work (without payment) and reducing of the wages by 6,5 per cent! Yeah, the new ways for the workers' movement: striking to accept lately very bad conditions/deterioration of the working and living conditions of the working class (eeh, I'm really sorry for my..)

Today's (bourgeois) magazine Der Spiegel: "Telecom workers are feeling betrayed by the Labour Union (oops, what a surprise!!) - At the stock market: PARTY TIME!"

Deutsche Telekom, Ver.di Agree.. (Bloomberg)



We always supposed (*): the capitalism never give up the attempt to make GOLD - alternatively Dollars, Euro, Won.. - even from SHIT.
The latest effort in Germany: Since two weeks Sat 1, one of the main private TV stations, is broadcasting the show (they call it "entertainment-documentary") "One Job - Your Chance". Here four, more or less talented, but "nice looking" candidates have to fight against each other. The winner is getting a job contract. Yesterday four women were fighting for to get the job as a household helper/nanny for a rich family..


* Well, actually it's simply a fact..



진보블로그 공감 버튼트위터로 리트윗하기페이스북에 공유하기딜리셔스에 북마크

자본주의 세계

Since the end of last week (especially) in (at least) the west nearly all "main" news agencies/newpapers/TV stations are reporting about the liberation of hundreds of slave workers in central China (BTW.. originally it was reported by the Chinese media!!).

China orders crackdown on labor abuse (CNN)

But how about the recent/current situation in the so-called developed capitalism?

Following article was published (but nearly unconsidered by the public) just few days ago:

Illegal Romanian Workers Paid Slave Wages by Policeman (Der Spiegel, 6.15)

Already last April the German daily newspaper Berliner Zeitung reported about slave workers in NATO bases in Afghanistan. The young women there must work daily between 12 and 16 hours in the "Green Spa Beauty Parlor", owned by Koreans (!!!). In the night the Korean owners are driving the workers "home" in Kabul and lock them up there until the next day, according to the report. The workers are not allowed to leave their "home" (actually very small barracks without any comfort, just with beds and dry stinking toilets) before or after the work.
It continued that the workers get a contract until all the "expenses" (plane ticket, broker fee etc..) is paid back. "Ira, a married mother of two children, can't go to visit her children, even the 'contract' since weeks is expired" "When - but I really don't know when - I'll go back home, I will bring nearly no money with me" she said.. As far as I know, about this story only one newspaper was reporting!!

Another story, but this time slave workers in Europe:
Last August the police in Italy freed 113 field workers from Poland. According to the police they were beaten, tortured.. "In the middle of our country they were held as slaves", so the Italian authorities. They had to work daily 15 hours, sometimes without any breaks. They were held like in Nazi Camps. They were guarded by armed gangsters, according to the investigation agency.

Well (or better not well) those cases (in Europe) are no unique, not at all! The Council of Europe/www.coe.int (difinetely NOT a COMMUNIST organisation^^): "Slaves at the heart of Europe! Likeley up to 500,000 workers in Europe are held under conditions of modern slavery"

Capitalism - no matter if it's the "old-school" or the "brandnew", some are calling it "neo-liberalism" - is based on maximum profit, even it means to exploit workers like slaves. That's just the f.. reality!! (eeh, no question, of course we need to change this kind of reality!!)




진보블로그 공감 버튼트위터로 리트윗하기페이스북에 공유하기딜리셔스에 북마크

6.13 노점상 대회




# 서울시의 기만적인 노점대책 규탄
및 노점상 10대 요구발표 기자회견
일시: 2007년 6월 13일 오전 11시
장소: 서울시청 앞

내용: 서울시와 경기도 지역에 노점상에 대한 탄압이 더욱 거세지고 있습니다. 서울지역의 경우 노점대책을 통해 노점상 단속의 명분을 더욱 강화 시키고 노점상을 쓰레기 취급하듯 노점물품 불매캠페인을 대대적으로 펼치고 있습니다. 또한 경기도 지역의 경우 최근 들어 더욱 폭력적이고 반인권적인 노점단속이 진행되고 있어 이에 항의코자 기자회견을 가지고자 합니다.

# 제20차 전국노점상대회 ‘단속과 차별의 벽을 넘어 희망의 길로!’
일시: 2007년 6월 13일 오후 1시
장소: 대학로

내용: 서울시 노점대책 규탄을 중심으로 하여 폭력적으로 진행되는 노점단속 철회, 노점생존권 보방, 사회 전반적 빈折??해결, 한미FTA 전면철회를 두고 전국의 10,000여명 이상의 노점상이 모여 항의하는 집회를 가집니다.






전국노점상 행사 동대문운동장서 개최..

Cheonggye vendors to be displaced again?

..the continuing redevelopment of Seoul




진보블로그 공감 버튼트위터로 리트윗하기페이스북에 공유하기딜리셔스에 북마크

反G8.. (#6)

Now three days after the end of the G8 "summit" it's time to have a (provisional) summary..

First of all: everyone is claiming now "victory" for him self. The state "leaders" of (the) seven industry countries (plus Russia), the protest movement (but not all!!) and the German police.

In many occasions CNN (int'l TV), for example, called the G8 "summit" just a "get-together". And that's reflecting just the reality. The G8 "summit" has definetely NO ASSIGNMENT, not at all!
So it also can't be successfull (except in spending a lot of public money and - simply said - annoying their opponents).

It's complete ridicolous when the opponents of the G8 are demanding any "positive" decision.. "You can't say on one side that the G8 isn't legitimized to make any decision but than to say that they have to make decisions..", so D. Cohn-Bendit (Der Tagesspiegel, 6.10). But despite this fact now the "left", especially in Germany is discussing about the possible results of the G8 "summit"..

But for a majority of the protestors - or better just their representatives - the entire week in Rostock/Heiligendamm was a absolute success. In complete self-delusion the "Interventional Left" - one of the main organisers of the protests - is declaring: "The G8 is on its end!" And summarizing: "The protest was a party/celebration of the globalization-critically movement"..

Until now actually there are no public discussions in the "left" about the results for the movement, only internally there are some "battles".. But for many on the more radical side (of the left) the reformist side (attac, Interventional Left, Block G8, Dissent!network..) - for now - could fortify its position. At least in the sight of the bourgeois media. They lost no opportunity to "tell the world" about their "peacefull struggle against the G8.." and delineate themself from the "radicals".. Harrharr on the other side for the preparing of the protests they published - for example - following stuff:



A report of hope, victory and belief in a better world.. (indymedia.de)
..Protesters Praised for Non-Violent Civil Disobedience (Der Spiegel)


Somehow related:

anti-G8 (many, mainly English commented pics)




To be continued as soon as possible...


진보블로그 공감 버튼트위터로 리트윗하기페이스북에 공유하기딜리셔스에 북마크

反G8 (독일) #5

Following some (WITHOUT - nearly - any of my comments^^) articles, reports, pics..

..by indymedia.de:

On the road to Steffanshagen

Decentralized Actions Blockade G8..

State paid agent provocateur unmasked



For more "alternative" stuff:


Blocking G8 (indymedia UK)


[BTW.. it's very interesting that especially the "revolutionary" anti-g8 alliances have NO updated informations/reports. You'll find only old stuff from last Sat./Sun...]




The latest stuff by the bourgeois media:


'This Is A Great Party'

G-8 Protesters Block Roads to Summit

G-8 Protesters Gear Up for Day Two of Blockades

15 Police Officers Against 5,000 Demonstrators

Photo Gallery: Demonstrators Outfox Police at Heiligendamm

G8 "summit", the first day in pictures (incl. many pics from the protests/German subtitles)




That's not one of my ("sensible"^^) comments:

Today afternoon: The 'Alternative Summit' - "A. Merkel is a bitch" (not literally..^^). The organisers of today's concert 'Your Voice Against Poverty': "A. Merkel.. she's soo sweet" (eeh~ f. them all!!). And A. Merkel on the German press conference: "Eeh~ bla, bla, bla..."







진보블로그 공감 버튼트위터로 리트윗하기페이스북에 공유하기딜리셔스에 북마크

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