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Right now in Busan

Actually I can't get in contact with my comrade there (I really hope that she is still in "freedom"!). But it seems that there are already fights on the way to BEXCO (one of the summit centers in Busan/Haeundae).

The ways to BEXCO are blocked by buses of the cops and mass transportation containers. It seems that the demonstrators want to open this blocked ways and the cops are using water cannons. (source of the pics: Voice of the People)




Right now I have only a computer where I can't read Hangeul, but I will try my best to get/bring more informations as soon as possible.

진보블로그 공감 버튼트위터로 리트윗하기페이스북에 공유하기딜리셔스에 북마크

4 년전에 #5

Yesterday, four years ago, I had the first night together with my new Korean friend ? I think at least at that day we became friends ? in Seoul.

Actually we met the last time two days ago in Busan during the last day of PIFF 2001. Then on the next day in the morning she?d to go back by bus to Seoul. We, a Korean and a German friend, were I was staying in Seoul, already had tickets for the train in the coming night.

So we arrived there in the early Sunday morning hours and just went to rest.

In the afternoon me and my new Korean friend called each other made an appointnment to meet together with the friends I was staying (actually I was a little to nervous to meet her alone... harhar...).

We went together to our, my Germans friend and mine, most famous restaurant (actually you can?t call it like that, because it is just a overcrowded wood hut) in Pimatgol/Insa-dong. After two hours my companions got tired and went home... and I was alone with my new Korean friend... uhuu~ how "terrible"... (haha..). So we went the entire night from one tea house to the other and had very interesting and beautiful conversations until the early morning hours, when we had to say good bye, but not without to promis to meet each other in the following evening again.

Finally this was my first really beautiful day/night in Seoul, since I arrived there about two weeks ago.

진보블로그 공감 버튼트위터로 리트윗하기페이스북에 공유하기딜리셔스에 북마크

내일 (11.18) 부산안에



"...there is growing skepticism over the role of the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation forum, experts say", so the International Herald Tribune 11.14. " APEC is balanced on the brink of terminal irrelevance," said the Australia-based Lowy Institute for International Policy in a report issued in time for this week's summit," the article continued... "Public awareness about APEC, even among the bureaucracies of its members and in areas APEC addresses, is slight."


Outside of the region, for example in Europe, no one (the media, rightwing, liberal - a.k.a. the bourgeois ?but also not the so-called left..) is really informed... and not really interested.

First of all they don't know what is really going on in the Far East. For instance the German state runned TV station ARD presented the annual National Workers Rally last Sunday as an Anti-APEC demonstration.

The farmers demonstration on Tuesday they presented as an Anti-USA protest and today's leading magazine Der Spiegel wrote: "On the APEC summit in Japan..." (even they don't know where the summit take place)

On the other hand no one - politicians, the media ?see any relevance about the APEC summit. The most of the media is just not reporting about it and if then just like that: "An APEC summit about the bird flu...", the German TV station ARD said.

On 11.14 I found the first articles in the international press about the APEC summit (International Herald Tribune and NEWS.com.au). But both are not expecting any sensful result... just "strong words in the final declaration". That's all...



But many of the activists at home (...harhar, S. Korea) seems to see this summit as one of the most important events in this century. They compare it with Cancun, or with the Summit of the Americas in Mar del Plata. But as ascertained the APEC has no relevance, not at all - "a summit about the bird flu..."!!!)...


On the other hand many activists <"The South Korean government should take a lesson from the case of the Summit of Americas in Mar del Plata, Argentina last week that 'failed to come to agreement due to strong protests from the South American people against the U.S. and U.S. President George Bush,' the statement (of the Korean Peasants League) said. Otherwise the peasants will wage a 'strong battle' on Friday 'shoulder to shoulder with other civic groups' to stop the APEC summit...", Korea Times wrote on 11.13> perhaps are confused about the role of the different participants, for example in Mar del Plata. The street "battles" - definetely - were not the reason why the summit failed... it was the opposition of the governments of Brazil, Venezuela, Argentina...! And - please remember - this summit was a decision making meeting...


Finally the only thing what we (harhar... YOU!!!) can do in Busan: Set up a sign that not everyone in the society is collaborating with the idea of the capitalist globalization. What we must fight for is the our own globalization, a globalization for the common people, a globalization from below!


And of course, if we (...YOU!!) have the power, the masses, we can - possibly - grievous disturb their meeting or even SMASH it!! (...aeh~ it's just a idea...)





진보블로그 공감 버튼트위터로 리트윗하기페이스북에 공유하기딜리셔스에 북마크

11.18.. Preparing for...





...and please, please be careful!!



Please check out the documentary here (Chamsesang/Jinbonet):



Actually there is nothing funny anymore!!


진보블로그 공감 버튼트위터로 리트윗하기페이스북에 공유하기딜리셔스에 북마크

오늘: 反APEC-STRUGGLE..(final updating)


-농민 투쟁-

Yesterday, the entire day until the evening thousands of unionized farmers protested on Yeouido (Seoul) against the government's decision to increase the quota of rice imports in the coming years. Farmers and large units (10,000?) of the infamous riot cops

(all the frontline combat units were on the spot!) clashed until the early night hours.


Korean articles about it you can read here:


Here there are 5 videos, v. 1, 3 and 4 are about the battles, v. 2 inteviews

and v. 5 about arrests and some final (?) interviews.

Watch it serious - we can learn a lot of it!

Watch the cops throwing stones... Never give them space and time to do that!!

By the way, on all demos like that (...BUSAN!!!) we should

have several mobile (educated) first aid units on the spot...



Source of the pics: Voice of the People


Today's (bourgeois) JoongAng Ilbo is writing this:


100-plus injured in rice rally clash


In a clash between farmers and police during a rally yesterday to protest the opening of the rice market, more than 100 people were injured and three police cars burned. The rally, which started at 1 p.m. at Yeouido, Seoul, was attended by 15,000 members of the Korean Peasant League, Korea Women Peasants Association and six other farmers' associations. Farmers clashed with police as they tried to move to the National Assembly building to conclude the three-hour street rally. Police blocked the road with police cars and sprayed water at the protesters, but some farmers surged forward, wielding wood and steel sticks. During the struggle, more than 100 farmers and police were injured.


More violence is expected in Busan Friday, where farmers' groups plan a rally to coincide with the leaders meetings of the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation forum.



진보블로그 공감 버튼트위터로 리트윗하기페이스북에 공유하기딜리셔스에 북마크

4 년전에 #4

Today, four years ago, it was a Friday, I watched the first time with the new Korean acquaintance a movie (during PIFF 2001). Chicken Rice War, a production from Singapore.



Actually the movie was just a kind of entertainment... But short before I saw a trailer to the movie and so I wanted to see it... just because of the Chinese dialoges, because never before I saw a movie in original Chinese language (in German I saw all Chinese movies in English with bad sound or with German synchronisation).


Later in the night there was a small coming together with friends and some movie people, the director of Chicken... was also hanging around there for a while, but at least, after the new Korean acquaintance had to leave us (the next day in the morning she?d to go back to Seoul by bus ...but of course I had to promise to call her "immediately" - she ordered me - when I would be back in Seoul) it was more boring for me and I even was not in the mood to drink more soju...

진보블로그 공감 버튼트위터로 리트윗하기페이스북에 공유하기딜리셔스에 북마크

11.18 APEC Summit...

It?s very interesting, but outside of S. Korea till now nobody is talking or writing about the APEC summit in Busan... neither in the Straights Times (Singapore), South China Morning Post (HK), Xinhua (China), nor in the USA (LA Times), or the South American progressive independent media, such as Indymedia Chile.


But there is a struggle between pro and contra inside the S. Korean activist scene. "It is an important opportunity for Pusan (Busan) to thrive as an international city. The opponents of APEC are ignorant of the enormous economic profit and the invisible benefits...", (bourgeois Korea Times quoted on Nov. 13). This is of course complete bull sh..., because Busan is a international city already, but more international it will never become. Because Busan is a city which lifes just from the industry and infrastructure, that?s all (of course not to forget from the daily labor of the workers there...).


But also, in my opinion, the concentration of the "progressive" movement in S.K. against the APEC summit is wrong, because the APEC has no meaning, neither political, nor economical, because APEC is "... a more lame (impotent) poppycock dump (shack) as even the ASEAN" (S. P. Huntington in: The Clash of Civilizations, N.Y. 1996). And still there is nothing changed... (as I know).


If someone have other opinions... Please, I?m ready to listen...



Today is also an article in Korea Herald about the preparation of the farmers unions for Nov. 18. But because this will be a longer story, I will write about it tomorrow, coming night, or so..

진보블로그 공감 버튼트위터로 리트윗하기페이스북에 공유하기딜리셔스에 북마크

4 년전에 #3

The last night four years ago, it was the night (before in the daytime I watched movies on PIFF and I met several times the woman who was running away the night before because of f... Kim Ki-duk... we had some coffee together and the first very interesting conversations without any soju or other stuff like that.) from Thursday to Friday, actually was a typical Korean style night.

First I met with the same person and we had some funny meetings with Korean students who wanted to make interviews with me... that was just for to improve their English, a job just for their school. Later we went with a Korean woman and her German friend to a Chinese restaurant. After we successful finished this first step we met other Korean, German Dutch and Finish friends and the funny part started...

Actually this was my first night in S. Korea like I had later (perhaps) thousand times more. But for the first ? but of course not for the last - time I was really impressed... And slowly PIFF went to it end, just two days more for us were left...

This (friends from Finland and..) was the final "result" of our beautiful, impressive night...

진보블로그 공감 버튼트위터로 리트윗하기페이스북에 공유하기딜리셔스에 북마크

이라크 = 베트남?

Long time ago, after an anti-war rally on Yeouido, I had a discussion with my Korean friend about the Iraq war. She, I think more her organization, were she is member, reckoned that the Iraq war will be a new Vietnam for the US Imperialism. I contradicted, because the are many differences between the Iraqi so-called resistance and the liberation struggle of the Vietnamese people. First of all, in my opinion, the Vietnamese people were fighting for a progressive future (finally, unfortunately...), but the Iraqi “resistance” are fighting for a reactionary “future”. More about the differences you can read in the following article, published Nov. 12 in the HK based Asia Times. Why the Iraqi quagmire is no Vietnam By Aaron Glantz HANOI - Is Iraq another Vietnam? Tran Dac Loi should know. The secretary general of the Vietnam Peace and Development Foundation grew up in Hanoi dodging bombs dropped by the United States Air Force, while his father fought in the successful guerrilla war in the country's Central Highlands. Three decades later, Tran, now an important figure in the ideological wing of Vietnam's communist government, has some thoughts on the Iraqi resistance. "Our struggle was well organized," Tran said in an IPS interview. "We had an address and official contacts, but with Iraq you never know who the resistance is and what their objectives are." Pointing to what he sees as a serious flaw in the Iraqi resistance, he added, "Sure, the fighters all want the Americans out, but there's no unifying political program." In Iraq, the insurgency's appeal flows primarily from the pain of the occupation. Much of its support comes from regular Iraqis who have relatives who have been killed or imprisoned by US forces and they want to get even. "This kind of resistance leads nowhere," Tran said. "Resistance has to have a clear objective. Ours was independence and socialism; not reaction but revolution." Some of the occupation's opponents in Iraq do have developed organizations, complete with spokespersons and ideological programs. But, Tran predicts, because the insurgency is built on ethnic and religious lines, they'll never succeed in their objectives. The movement of Muqtada al-Sadr, for example, appeals primarily to poor people in the country's numerous Shi'ite slums. It provides services in poor Shi'ite neighborhoods, while advocating an Islamic state. Such a plan of action has helped Muqtada amass millions of supporters, but prevents him from attracting a following outside his core base. According to Tran, the same can be said of Sunni fundamentalists. The hardline Association of Muslim Scholars may have spokespersons who appear regularly on the Arab satellite channels, but their appeal is limited even within the country. Tran thinks that the lack of a pan-ethnic political program can cause minority groups to ally with the occupier in order to ensure that their cultural rights are protected. In Iraq, this has caused the Kurds, and their more than 100,000 guerrillas, to side with the US. "The absence of a clear political program is in the interest of the US," Tran said. "Then, they [the US] can go above you and pretend like they're solving the problems between you, when really they're lording over you." While the occupying forces took care to ban the secularist Ba'ath Party - which continues to function through independent cells within Iraq and through exiles in Syria and Jordan - the party has not been able to earn the trust of minority groups. It is a classic case of divide and rule. Indeed, from the start of the occupation, the US government actively encouraged the Iraqi people to organize themselves along sectarian lines. The US administration even hired a company, Research Triangle Institute (RTI), and charged it with selecting local governments based solely on the ethnic make-up in each of Iraq's regions. In March 2003, RTI was awarded a contract worth US$466 million to create 180 local and provincial governments in Iraq and obtain wide public participation in a new political process, but government auditors pointed out irregularities. Tran suggested that what would work in Iraq would be a program similar to Vietnam's revolution, which was based on a single political party, aimed at throwing out the aggressor and defending the unity of the country as well as its economic and political sovereignty. The particular ideology, he said, is not the key. More important is something everyone can believe in, regardless of religion or ethnic background. Iraq, he said, needs a unifying political figure such as Ho Chi Minh. "You need a political figure who can introduce a long-term objective that's in the basic interest of the majority of the people." Tran doesn't think any of Iraq's current crop of political leaders fits this mold. Moreover, he said the fighters' regular killing of civilians is sickening and counterproductive. "They behave more like random rebelling groups," he said. "When we fought, we only fought against the ones who fought us. Civilians were never our targets." Given the Iraqi resistance's bloody tactics and lack of a unified political program, Tran doubts it will be successful in forcing the Americans out - at least in the short term. He compares the Iraqi resistance to the many aborted attempts to end French colonization of Vietnam before World War II, which were led by small groups of the educated elite. "They were all patriots but they were all suppressed because they could not appeal to the masses."
진보블로그 공감 버튼트위터로 리트윗하기페이스북에 공유하기딜리셔스에 북마크

4 년전에 #2

The day, it was still Wednesday, 4 years ago, I spend with watching movies (PIFF...) and checking around to get some good pictures for my job (actually a friend of mine wanted to write a report/story about PIFF 2001 and he requested me to make photos for the story).

And the entire day I was really anxious to meet my new acquaintance (remember the paper with the name, phone...), I met the night before. This night a "complete strange and famous party", friends of mine promised me, will take place. And at least I remembered that we, the new acquaintance and me we wanted to meet there. Yeah, of course we met each other there, but, unfortunately, I got the idea to get in conversation with the "famous" (harr, harr...) director Kim Ki-duk, just for to arrange a interview with him about the movie "Address Unknown". My new acquaintance made the translation. Kim said finally nearly nothing. In fact he was not interested in a interview - I had to learn some days later, but I saw it at the time very well - but more in the translator... At the end she was complete fed up and just wanted to go home. Even I understand nearly nothing, because of language problems, but I understand well what was going on. So even for me the night was not funny anymore and only my friends were able to stop me, because I just was on the way to "kill" f... Kim (my friends told me: "don’t do that, because he is the only good director in this country"). So the SUPER FAMOUS PARTY, everyone expected, finished complete stupid...
진보블로그 공감 버튼트위터로 리트윗하기페이스북에 공유하기딜리셔스에 북마크

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