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4 년전에 #1

Right now, four years ago (2001.11.12) - it was a Wednesday, around 8 in the morning - I was getting up (I just wanted to hurry up to get my first coffee and the tickets for the next film shows) in our backyard Yeogwan in downtown Busan. I was holding my head and thinking, "What the hell was going on last night?". And then it was coming like a bomb. The night before, during the 6th Busan Intl Film Festival, together with my friends we joined the so-called Korean Night. Ha, just a complete crazy event, but finally with extensive consequences... Actually in this morning I wasn't sure if the night before was just a strange dream or the reality. So I was checking my stuff in my jacket and I found what for I was searching... a paper with a name, in English, Korean and Chinese, the connected e-mail address, a home page address and a phone number. Wow, it wasn't just a dream.


This past night started just like the nights before: together with some friends from Holland, Finland and Germany we went to drink some soju after the film shows. Later one said that there is the so-called Korean Night... "c’mon let’s go there!". We worried what this will bring, because it was organized by the Korean Film Capitalists...

But, what a surprise, when we arrived there a Korean metal band was playing really strange stuff. Later we got in some talks with Koreans and the only thing what we had to do, except to drink more soju, to "defend" them, especially the women, from an annoying American, we knew him from before.

After a while the beer and the soju was complete finished and the only stuff what was left over: hundreds (I'm really not sure about the number...) of bottles of beakseju. Perhaps you can imagine how this night was continuing?! But finally, especially for me, it was funny and also very interesting... In fact in this night the fate - I know that such a thing isn't existing - was hitting me (the paper with the name and phone number...).

How? Actually this will be the next story.

진보블로그 공감 버튼트위터로 리트윗하기페이스북에 공유하기딜리셔스에 북마크

프랑스안에 난동/Riots in France..

It seems that the riots, some - like so-called left activists, call it uprising, even some, like Troskyist groups call it the "French Intifada" - in the suburbs of French cities, after Friday it was spreading out all across the country, now slowly are decreasing. Yesterday AP reported: France declared a state of emergency Tuesday to quell the country's worst unrest since the student uprisings of 1968 that toppled a government, and the prime minister said the nation faced a ``moment of truth'' over its failure to integrate Arab and African immigrants and their children. Rioters ignored the extraordinary security measures, which began Wednesday, as they looted and burned two superstores, set fire to a newspaper office and paralyzed France's second largest city's subway system with a gasoline bomb. Just over 600 cars were burned overnight Tuesday-Wednesday, about half as many as the previous night, Claude Guerin, Interior Minister Nicolas Sarkozy's chief of staff, said. But today's mainstream media reported that the number of burned cars, for example, was complete decreasing. One of German's main newspapers, the Berliner Zeitung, had even no news about the riots in France anymore (in the last two weeks the new "developments" were always on the front page...). In the so-called leftwing media, such as Socialist Worker and other stuff like that, the authors described the riots, which started on Oct. 27 (I wrote already about it ..here), as the new proletarian revolution. But this is BULL SHIT. First of all this youths who took the streets to burn everything, what was/is on their way have nothing to do with the proletariat – they are not a part and even the proletariat don’t see them as a part... They are just a lost generation, without any future. The riot was/is just a measure to show that they still are existing. And a cry for help, but also an outcry of hate. People were asking in the last days why this kids are burning their own poor neighborhoods... And this kids were answering that "this is not our neighborhood - you, the state was forcing us to life here! We don't want this life! We just hate it!” Sylla, Sossa, Karim, Rachid, Mounir and Samir are the names they give. The oldest is 21, the youngest 15. One is an apprentice plumber; another is on work experience as a cook at a cafe in nearby Aulnay-sous-Bois; one is claiming benefit; two are (sort of) at school. Three are "known to the police". This estate, the Rougemont in Sevran, about 15 miles north of Paris, was one of the first to flare in France's outbreak of rolling urban violence, which has lasted 12 nights and in which nearly 6,000 cars have gone up in flames, dozens of schools, community centres and shops have been wrecked, and 1,500 people arrested. There are many reasons for the violence. "Because we hate, because we're mad, because we've had it up to here," said Rachid, parka hood up against the cold. "Look around you. This place is shit, it's a dump. We have nothing here. There's nothing for us." Sylla, 18, has a more specific target for his rage. "Les keufs, man, the cops. They're Sarkozy's and Sarkozy must go, he has to shut his mouth, say sorry or just fuck off. He shows no respect. He calls us animals, he says he'll clean the cités with a power hose. He's made it worse, man. Every car that goes up, that's one more message for him." The interior minister's forces, of which there are some 9,500 on duty around the country, are loathed. "They harass you, they hassle you, they insult you the whole time, ID checks now, scooter checks next. They call you nigger names," said Karim, 17. "I got caught the other week smoking on the train. OK, you shouldn't smoke on the train. But we get to Aulnay station, there are six cops waiting for us, three cars. They did the whole body search, they had me with my hands on the roof of the car. One said: 'Go back home, Arab. Screw your race'." On the streets after midnight on Monday, the measure provoked disbelief. "It's bad, it's really serious," said Djaoued, 21, a couple of miles down the road near the Chêne-Pointu estate in Clichy-sous-Bois, where the riots began on October 27. "On the radio they said the last time they used that law was in the Algerian war. Is that stupid or what? Ninety percent of the people who live here are Arabs. What does that tell them? Fifty years later, you're still different? We're not allowed outside, and everyone else is?" Back in Sevran, someone was attempting to set fire to George-Brassens college. Sirens wailed as half a dozen police cars and fire engines screamed along the Avenue André Rousseau. "It's so easy," said Ali, 16. "You need a beer bottle, a bit of petrol or white spirit, a strip of rag and a lighter. Cars are better, though, when the tank goes. One of you smashes a window, the other lobs the bottle." Ali's friend was an Arsenal fan: "Thierry Henry, man! But he never scores for France." Does he feel French? "We hate France and France hates us," he spat, refusing to give even his first name. "I don't know what I am. Here's not home; my gran's in Algeria. But in any case France is just fucking with us. We're like mad dogs, you know? We bite everything we see. Go back to Paris, man." Sylla summed it up. "We burn because it's the only way to make ourselves heard, because it's solidarity with the rest of the non-citizens in this country, with this whole underclass. Because it feels good to do something with your rage," he said. "The guys whose cars get torched, they understand. OK, sometimes they do. We have to do this. Our parents, they should understand. They did nothing, they suffered in silence. We don't have a choice. We're sinking in shit, and France is standing on our heads. One way or another we're heading for prison. It might as well be for actually doing something.", so a TV report in early Tuesday morning. Some days ago the author Birgit Vandeberke said in a interview that this riots are more like a "UPRISING IN A PRISON". There is no future, the struggle, the riots have no real aim, except to be heard from everyone and to be a hero, even just for two weeks. These youths have no ideas for a real aim, for a real future (because, perhaps they know, that there is no future!)... The so-called left also have no answer, except to repeat the "historic mission of the working class"... And the (capitalist) society, of course, has no answer (except more REPRESSION)... So because of that this was not the first riot and it will not be the last riot... and not only in France... In the last days the European (bourgeois) media was crying out "who will be the next?" (alone in the last two day in Berlin at least 11 cars were burned down...) "Is this our own future?"... Of course this is the future! Because...


...but it is our own fault! French newspapers wrote in the last days: Editorial in Le Monde (bourgeois): "A country that regards itself as the birthplace of human rights and a model of social welfare has shown itself, in everyone's eyes, to be incapable of giving its young people the opportunities they deserve... If France wants to avoid another electoral catastrophe like the one in 2002, when Jean-Marie Le Pen reached the second round of the presidential elections, it is time for those who aspire to govern to stop grandstanding and apply themselves to the task of rebuilding part of society." Editorial in Le Figaro (bourgeois): "France is paying for its arrogance. In the eyes of the world, our famous model of social integration is going down the drain... Vengeance is a dish best served cold. America will never forget the criticisms of its society during the Iraq war and after the hurricane in Louisiana. "But their criticism is not entirely unjustified. It underlines 40 years of political failure... Too often, ideology has trumped pragmatism in dealing with the problems of the suburbs. Plans to rebuild and renovate have not been followed up with money. In particular, it is misguided to think that tweaking around the edges would give pride and hope to the descendants of French immigrants, who have too often been soothed by speeches presenting them as victims rather than responsible citizens... "Is Islam at the heart of the current violence? Not as far as one can tell. The solution seems to lie in reaffirming everyone's rights and responsibilities." Editorial, L'Humanite ("Communist" Party): "Nicolas Sarkozy's arrogance evidently has no limits. Questioned on television about his attitude to the crisis, the interior minister declared calmly: 'I don't have the right to overreact. Nothing can be achieved by agitation and tension. The most difficult thing for me is to stay lucid, to get out of the cauldron and to find the time to reflect on what should be done.' Get out of the cauldron? If only he could! After having deliberately lit the fuse, he happily surveys the damage, and wants time to think about it. The residents of Seine-Saint-Denis and the politicians and educators who live there will appreciate that. "Whatever the government says, the events of recent days do not reflect an isolated problem of suburban crime, but a terrible failure of the policy of urban and social segregation that has been imposed for years on the people of these districts. The suburbs are not a special case. The suburbs are France, the France that suffers at work, is unemployed ... the France of discrimination, bad housing, poor public services. Unless we give the suburbs hope, the whole country will be unable to develop and the equality that republican principles are founded upon will be nothing more than a piece of paper. The future of the French model of social justice - of all our futures - lies in the suburbs. That is why Nicolas Sarkozy wants to break them... Rather than endless images of burnt cars, we must give a voice to the suburbs. And we must listen to them!" Communique from the “Mouvement de l’immigration et des banlieues”(here you can read the French version): “Die in peace my brothers, but die in silence, that we perceive but the distant echo of your suffering” Wednesday, November 9, 2005. “Those who do not understand today the causes of the riots are amnesiacs, blind or both. It has in fact been 30 years that the suburbs have struggled for justice. 25 years that the revolts, the riots, the demonstrations, the marches the public meetings, the cries of anger with precise demands have been formulated. 15 years since the Minister of Cities was created to respond to the exclusion and the social misery of the so-called disadvantaged neighbourhoods. The ministers come and go with their promises: Marshall Plan, Zones Franches, DSQ, ZEP, ZUP, emploi-jeunes, Cohesion Sociale, etc… The suburbs serve as a escapist release for the ministers, the elect and the media, fevered with little murderous phrases on the “no-go zones”, “the parental irresonsability”, gangsterism, and other “Islamist derivaties”. The inhabitants of these neighbourhoods, and notably the young, are stigmatized and designated as responsable for all the problems of society. It is all too easy to give a lesson in civics and to point the finger at the ‘scum’ or the ‘savages’, thus throwing them to populist vindictiveness. And this strategy is all too profitable. The suburbs become an isolated problem, which we leave to the police and the courts to solve. Today, we are presented these ‘suburban youth’ (signifying black and arab) who are seen as having come to destroy like foreigners laying siege to France. Nevertheless, from Minguettes (1981) to Vaulx-en-Velin (1990), from Mantes-la-Jolie (1991) to Sartrouville (1991), from Dammarie-les-Lys (1997) to Toulouse (1998), from Lille (2000) to Clichy, the message is clear: Enough of these unpunished crimes of the police, enough of the suffering silence of millions of families, of men and women, who suffer daily from the social violence, so much more devastating than a burning car. With the curfew, the government responds by collective punishment and a law of exception that gives full powers to the police. Just sealing the lid on the cooking-pot will mark the memories of our neighbourhoods for a long time. There will never be peace in our neighbourhoods as long as there is not justice and real equality. No pacification nor any curfew will keep us from continuing our fight for this, even when the cameras will have ceased rolling. NO JUSTICE, NO PEACE! MIB, 11/09/2005

Just try to see the movie La Haine (The Hate)!!! And you will understand more about what was/is going on in France...
진보블로그 공감 버튼트위터로 리트윗하기페이스북에 공유하기딜리셔스에 북마크

이주.. 투쟁 영상 ('alltogether..')

The Complete (?) Collection

by "Hong Gil-dong in the Forest"



"숲속 홍길동"



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진보블로그 공감 버튼트위터로 리트윗하기페이스북에 공유하기딜리셔스에 북마크


Finally the "Summit of the Americans" complete failed, because of the resistance of the governments of Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay and Venezuela against a FTAA, a free trade area between Alaska and Fire Land, the South of Latin America. This group of MERCOSUR "just want to wait the outcome of the WTO summit next month in Hong Kong", German magazine Der Spiegel wrote yesterday. Following just some impressions, protest and repression (the last three pics...), from the street battles in Mar del Plata, Argentina, during the "Summit of the Americans".

More you can learn here...스페인어.
진보블로그 공감 버튼트위터로 리트윗하기페이스북에 공유하기딜리셔스에 북마크


...activity in the Ehwa W. University...

진보블로그 공감 버튼트위터로 리트윗하기페이스북에 공유하기딜리셔스에 북마크

아르헨티나 #3

Yesterday in Mar del Plata, Argentina, according to the German daily Junge Welt, about 50,000 people were protesting against the plan to create the FTAA. According to independent news groups in Argentina, 87 protestors were arrested during the demo and some smaller riots (about 500 people joined the following street battle).

Read also Naomi Klein: Latin America's revolt!
진보블로그 공감 버튼트위터로 리트윗하기페이스북에 공유하기딜리셔스에 북마크



Unrest spread across troubled suburbs around Paris in a eighth night of violence as the cops clashed with angry youths and scores of vehicles were torched in at least twenty towns, according to French officials. Police in riot gear fired rubber bullets at advancing gangs of youths in Aulnay-sous-Bois - one of the worst-hit suburbs - where 15 cars were burned alone Tuesday night, French officials said on Wednesday. Youths lobbed Molotov cocktails at an annex to the town hall and threw stones at the firehouse.

Also yesterday, in the eighth straight night, the cops were not in the position to control the riots all around Paris and now also in other parts of France. According to the German magazine Der Spiegel 420 cars and buses were torched. Police and fire stations, schools and supermarkets were attacked by "well organized" groups of immigrant youths.

French Interior Minister Nicolas Sarkozy recently, short after the outbreak of the riots, called the immigrant youths "scum" and has vowed to "clean out" with "high pressure cleaners" Paris' troubled suburbs. Of course with his words he just "poured oil in the fire" and in the following nights the riots just were increasing, even the bourgeois media said. Riots erupted in an outburst of anger in Clichy-sous-Bois over the "accidental", until nobodz knows exactly, electrocution Oct. 27 of two teenagers who fled a soccer game and hid in a power substation when they saw police enter the area. Youths in the neighborhood suspect that police chased Traore Bouna, 15, and Zyed Benna, 17, to their deaths. Since then riots have swelled into a broader challenge against the French state and its security forces. The violence has exposed deep discontent in neighborhoods where African and Muslim immigrants and their French-born children are trapped by poverty, unemployment, racial discrimination, crime, poor education and housing. Immigrants, mainly from North Africa, and their French-born children often complain of cop's harassment and being refused jobs, housing and other opportunities. Eric, a 22-years-old in Clichy-sous-Bois born in France to Moroccan parents, said the cops target young people with dark skin. He said that he has been unable to find full-time work for two years and that the riots were a demonstration of suburban solidarity, so a TV report. "People are joining together to say we've enough," he said... "The French society is increasing equal, increasing segregated, and increasingly divided along ethnic lines," Manuel Boucher, a sociologist, said in the same report.

This is not Baghdad, its just in the middle of West Europe!

About the background of the riots more detailed you can read this article Emeutes de Clichy-sous-bois les jeunes accusent la police (프랑스 어, 10.30 보고). Explains to the French text: Flics...................cops CRS.....................riot cop units Capa Productions........TV broadcasting on CanalPlus EDF.....................one French electric power company (maybe someone - in fact I know only one person who might know some [???] French - can translate this text in Korean?!!!) Later, because of the difficult subject, a more detailed comment will follow... perhaps..
진보블로그 공감 버튼트위터로 리트윗하기페이스북에 공유하기딜리셔스에 북마크

아르헨티나 #2

About the "Summit of the Americas" in preparation of FTAA the UK daily Guardian wrote today: Latin America prepares to 'say no to Bush' · Maradona leads protests at summit in Argentina · Opponents gather in high profile alternative meeting George Bush left his problems at home yesterday only to find himself flying into a whole new world of hurt at the Summit of Americas in Argentina, where tens of thousands of protesters, led by the football star and broadcaster Diego Maradona, were due to greet the president in a "say no to Bush" march. The president can expect an equally unfriendly welcome from some of the leaders and top officials attending the summit in the seaside town of Mar del Plata. Among those he can expect to come face to face with is Hugo Chavez, the outspoken president of Venezuela who has accused the Bush administration of attempting to orchestrate a coup against him and last week said the US was planning to invade his country. Around 10,000 police and security agents have erected a ring of steel around the town, while Argentinian navy vessels have been positioned off the coast. Most commercial flights are due to be suspended once the 34-nation summit begins. But with so many protesters in the area, there are fears that trouble could break out. Last weekend small bombs were thrown at several American bank branches and chain store branches. Maradona has urged viewers of his popular television show to join him in a protest outside the meeting. Argentina's "piquetero" movement - made up of protesters known for blocking roads and confronting authorities - has promised to descend on the resort in force. Cuba, the only country in the hemisphere not invited to the summit hosted by the Organisation of American States, will be attending a People's Summit in Mar del Plata set up by leftwing groups to counter the official version. Family members of fallen US soldiers in Iraq as well as Iraqi civilians who have suffered at the hands of US troops will also be there. Mr Chavez, an important ally of Cuba's president Fidel Castro, is due to visit the People's Summit today and give a speech at a basketball stadium timed to coincide with the start of the Summit of Americas. Before flying there he said Venezuela would object to any attempt by the US to revive proposals for the creation of Free Trade Area of the Americas (FTAA), which would overtake the European Union as the world's largest tariff-free zone. Mr Bush has been a forceful proponent of the idea, but talks have repeatedly stalled, with opponents fearful it would allow corporations to dominate the poor. "They aren't going to revive it, even if they produce a 10,000 page document," Mr Chavez told the Caracas-based TV channel Telesur. "Latin America remains the region of most inequalities in the world," Cuban foreign minister Felipe Perez Roque told the Associated Press. "The FTAA is just more of the same neo-liberal policies." Yesterday government officials at the summit site were still bickering over whether the event's final declaration would include crucial language on when high-level FTAA talks might resume. Victor Hugo Varsky, an Argentinian representative, said negotiators were advancing very slowly. "Some countries don't want any mention," he told AP. "Others want to progress towards a trade accord."
진보블로그 공감 버튼트위터로 리트윗하기페이스북에 공유하기딜리셔스에 북마크

팔레스티나: IDF Noise Terror Against Civilians

The Guardian, UK, reported yesterday, 11.2 Palestinians hit by sonic boom air raids · UN condemns night noise attacks as indiscriminate · Agencies say they cause trauma and miscarriages Israel is deploying a terrifying new tactic against Palestinian civilians in the Gaza Strip by letting loose deafening "sound bombs" that cause widespread fear, induce miscarriages and traumatise children. The removal of Jewish settlers from the Gaza Strip opened the way for the military to use air force jets to create dozens of sonic booms by breaking the sound barrier at low altitude, sending shockwaves across the territory, often at night. Palestinians liken the sound to an earthquake or huge bomb. They describe the effect as being hit by a wall of air that is painful on the ears, sometimes causing nosebleeds and "leaving you shaking inside". The Palestinian health ministry says the sonic booms have led to miscarriages and heart problems. The United Nations has demanded an end to the tactic, saying it causes panic attacks in children. The shockwaves have also damaged buildings by cracking walls and smashing thousands of windows. "I have never heard such a loud explosion. I thought it was right over the top of my building," said the owner, Tareq Dayyeh. "Sometimes you hear the rockets the Israelis fire but this was different. I felt like I was in the middle of a bomb. When I ran out the door I thought I might find the rest of the street was gone." Over the past week, Israeli jets created 28 sonic booms by flying at high speed and low altitude over the Gaza Strip, sometimes as little as an hour apart through the night. During five days in late September, the air force caused 29 sonic booms. A senior Israeli army intelligence source, who the military would not permit to be named, said the tactic is intended to break civilian support for armed Palestinian groups. "We are trying to send a message in a way that doesn't harm people. We want to encourage the Palestinian public to do something about the terror situation," he said. "What are the alternatives? We are not like the terrorists who shoot civilians. We are cautious. We make sure nobody is really hurt." Yesterday, two medical human rights groups asked the Tel Aviv high court to outlaw the use of sound bombs on the grounds it amounts to illegal collective punishment and is detrimental to health. "The stress is phenomenal," said Eyad El Sarraj, a psychologist and director of Gaza Community Mental Health Programme, one of the groups filing the petition. "The Israelis do it after midnight and then every one or two hours. You try to go to sleep and then there's another one. When it happens night after night you become exhausted. You get a heightened sense of alert, waiting continuously for it to happen. People suffer hypertension, fatigue, sleeplessness. "For children, the loud noise means danger. Adults may know it's only a sound but small children feel threatened. They are crying and clinging to their parents. Afterwards they are dazed and fearful, waiting for something to happen." The UN Palestinian refugee agency said a majority of the patients seen at its clinics as a result of the sonic booms were under 16 and suffering from symptoms such as anxiety attacks, bedwetting, muscle spasms, temporary loss of hearing and breathing difficulties. Although the Israelis say the shockwaves do not cause casualties, doctors at Gaza's Shifa hospital said the overflights had forced women to miscarry. The number of miscarriages had increased by 40%, according to Jumaa Saqqa, a surgeon and hospital spokesman. "There were no other symptoms and the rise happened after the sonic booms. We can see no other explanation. The number of patients admitted to the cardiac care unit doubled. Some of them proved to have suffered serious harm." Dr Saqqa said one overflight occurred while he was operating. The Palestinian health ministry estimates the sonic booms have caused at least 20 miscarriages. The UN's Middle East envoy, Alvaro de Soto, wrote to the Israeli high command this week saying he was "deeply concerned at the impact on children, particularly infants, of the use of sonic booms". ...

진보블로그 공감 버튼트위터로 리트윗하기페이스북에 공유하기딜리셔스에 북마크

아르헨티나: 오늘 反FTAA 대회

Bush faces mass protests, opposition to trade pact in Argentina

The two-day quadrennial Summit of the Americas being held in the Argentine seaside resort of Mar del Plata Nov. 4-5 will be marked by one of the largest demonstrations in the country’s history—called to repudiate the policies of the Bush administration.

Wracked by multiple political crises at home and receiving the lowest approval rating for any recent US president, George W. Bush is leaving the country Thursday to face an even more hostile audience. The two-day quadrennial Summit of the Americas being held in the Argentine seaside resort of Mar del Plata Nov. 4-5 will be marked by one of the largest demonstrations in the country’s history—called to repudiate the policies of the Bush administration. On the eve of the summit, the Argentine daily Pagina 12 reported a poll showing that six out of ten Argentines oppose Bush’s presence in the country. By contrast, 75 percent welcomed the visit by Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez, who has been vilified by Washington and has in turn denounced US foreign policy. Protests began yesterday over the Bush visit—three days before his arrival—with blockades of bridges and highways in the Buenos Aires area and the appearance of posters throughout the Argentine capital bearing the slogans “Stop Bush” and “Fuera Bush,” in some cases superimposed over photographs of wounded Iraqi children. Nor are the protests limited to Argentina. Last Wednesday, some 6,000 people marched on the US Embassy in Brasilia in an anti-Bush protest. The US president is scheduled to visit the Brazilian capital following the summit, going from there to a stop in Panama before returning to Washington. The presence of the US president in Argentina has been preceded by the imposition of a massive security clampdown. An army of 7,000 additional police has been deployed in the resort city, which has been divided with three concentric circles of chain-linked fencing. Residents of the area surrounding the summit site have been identified and provided with passes to enter and leave their own homes. “We’ve been imprisoned,” one of them told a local television network. A 100-mile no-fly zone has been declared surrounding the city, with orders to shoot down unidentified planes. In addition to the blanket of security imposed by the Argentine government, Bush is arriving with an entourage of some 2,000, much of it composed of security personnel. Last Friday, two giant US military cargo planes arrived in Buenos Aires carrying large quantities of arms and two helicopters for use in guarding the US president. On Friday a mass march expected to draw as many as 100,000 people will take place in Mar del Plata. Leading it will be popular football star Diego Maradona and Argentine Nobel Prize winner Adolfo Pérez Esquivel. Bush is “a torturer, violator of human rights, an assassin, a violator of United Nations resolutions, of international treaties and of the sovereignty of peoples, as has happened in Iraq,” Pérez Esquivel said in a radio interview Saturday explaining his participation. Maradona, who now hosts one of Argentina’s most popular television shows, said, “In Argentina, there are people who are against Bush being there. I am the first. He did us a lot of harm. As far as I’m concerned, he is a murderer; he looks down on us and tramples over us. I am going to lead that march along with my daughter.” Also participating in the march will be Cindy Sheehan, the mother of a US soldier slain in Iraq, and Javier Couso, the brother of the Spanish television cameraman who was killed when an American tank fired on the Hotel Palestine, the headquarters of international journalists, during the US storming of Baghdad in April 2003.

A riot in one of the suburbs of Buenos Aires last Monday against the privatization of the public traffic. The denationalized trains for example now more expensive, but poor and late as before the privatization.

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