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February 17, Wednesday Quiz

February 17, Wednesday 2010 Name _______________


17일에 했던 퀴즈입니다.^^





Feb. 11, Thursday It's Not a Real Holiday.


Mira: This is the third time in a row I've been ________ on Valentine's!

George: So, I'm always alone on valentine's. It's not a real holiday anyways.

Mira: So what should we do?

George: Umm, _________ it or go out together.

Mira: Let's go out. Even if just to a movie. I don't want to be by myself.

George: OK, it's a date. We'll be _______ on Valentine's.

Mira: Good


Feb. 16, Tuesday It Calls for ~


Husband: You need six chicken breasts?

Wife: It calls for four but I want to make a little ________.

Husband: It seems like a lot.

Wife: People are hungry. And it's better to _______ _______ than not enough.

Husband: I guess. But isn't there another main dish too?

Wife: Look, the chicken breasts are on sale. It's destiny. I'm getting six!

Husband: OK, you're the ______.



Word Quiz


1. Jim hasn't come to school five days in a ________.

짐이 5일째 연달아 학교에 안 나왔어.


2. Pay no ____________ to what he said.

그가 한 말에 신경쓰지마.


3. I always carry ___________ in case of an emergency.

난 위급할 때를 대비해 항상 여분을 가지고 다녀.


4. This book is on ________ for $40.

이 책은 40달러로 세일중입니다.


5. You should save money for ________.

나중을 위해 돈을 저축해야 해.

진보블로그 공감 버튼트위터로 리트윗하기페이스북에 공유하기딜리셔스에 북마크

2월 17일 모임 공지

이번주부터 일어공부팀과 함께 공부하기로 했지요?

I'm really looking forward to see you guys get together and have a great time~! yeah~

영어공부 쪽에서는 영화를 가지고 공부해보자는 의견이 있어서

이번 모임부터 적용해보려고 합니다.

영화는 제 취향대로 오래전에 재밌게 봤던 영화 톰 행크스의 '빅'을 골랐습니다.

영화에 대한 설명은


를 참조하세요. 매주 20분 분량씩 보고 좋은 부분을 골라서 대사연습해봅시다.^^


Study Procedure


English (07:00~08:20)

1. Word Quiz (2 words start with 'E')

2. Dictation and Quiz (from last Thursday to this Wednesday)

3. Easy English (Key Expression practice)

4. Movie in English (BIG) (Watching and Role Play)


語 (08:30~10:00)

(I don't know exactly what it would be like)


진보블로그 공감 버튼트위터로 리트윗하기페이스북에 공유하기딜리셔스에 북마크

앞으로 텍스트를...

매일 방송되는 텍스트를 블로그에 올리겠습니다.

저작권 문제가 걱정되니, 공통 아이디로 로그인해서 확인하고 공부하는 걸로 하죠.

아이디와 비번은 문자로 전해드릴께요.


매일매일 여기 와서 꼭 예습하고 갑시다~

진보블로그 공감 버튼트위터로 리트윗하기페이스북에 공유하기딜리셔스에 북마크

February 10, Wednesday Quiz

February 10, Wednesday 2010 Name _______________

지난 2월10일 모임 퀴즈입니다. 





February 8, Monday I'm hoping for



Steven : So, what do you have ____________ for Carrie?

Aiden : I'm going to take her to the place where we first met, Jenny's Cafe, for dinner.

Steven : Then what?

Aiden : Then we'll _________ our first date exactly as it happened one year ago.

Steven : That's pretty good. Did you get her anything?

Aiden : A dozen red roses.

Steven : Wow, ________ love it.

Aiden : Yeah, that what I'm hoping for.



February 9, Tuesday Singles Night



Jess : So do you have any Valentine's plans?

Claire : No, but I'm thinking of ________ _______ with some single friends.

Jess : Where?

Claire : There's a club that is having a singles night where everyone who goes is _______.

Jess : Sounds great.

Claire : Yeah, everyone will be in _______ ________ and single Pretty nice, huh?

Jess : I'm going too!



ANSWER (drag below)


planned  /  repeat  /  She'll  /  going out  /  single  /  red or pink



Word Quiz



1. Some people don't travel _______ ____________ they don't like to be stuck in traffic.

어떤 사람들은 단지 길 막히는 게 싫어서 여행하지 않는다.


2. The party was boring. The place was __________ ______ strangers.

그 파티는 따분했어. 파티장이 모르는 사람들로 가득 차 있었어.


3. I hope I don't __________ the same mistake again.

다시는 같은 실수를 반복하지 않았으면 좋겠어.


4. Are you busy this Friday? We're ___________(~ing) a beer night.

너 이번 금요일에 바쁘니? 우리 맥주의 밤을 하는데.


5. I made a ______________ like a month ago.

저 한달 전 쯤에 예약을 했어요.



ANSWER (drag below)


1. only because  2. filled with  3. repeat  4. having  5. reservation


진보블로그 공감 버튼트위터로 리트윗하기페이스북에 공유하기딜리셔스에 북마크

We're gonna get together today, aren't we?


I'm sorry to post the documents so late.
4 day's term is too short to prepare the next meeting
(We've just met last Saturday!!!)
Anyway.... we're gonna meet this evening and talk about this.


1. Word Quiz (2 words start with 'D')
2. Dictation and Quiz (I chose Monday and Tuesday! haha)
3. Easy English Practice.. (please, do memorize your part)
4. News Article (You can see the article right below)


Do you know how it is going on to merge our group with 'Candy's group'?

진보블로그 공감 버튼트위터로 리트윗하기페이스북에 공유하기딜리셔스에 북마크

Run for Your Brain! [05-02-2010]

2월 10일 공부용입니다^^



Many people go jogging in the morning for their health. Yes, jogging makes your body stronger and healthier. But there is one more good reason for you to start running. Researchers reported that running is also good for your brain!

According to a new Cambridge University study, running can help improve your brain power. It also helps boost your memory. The British researchers found that running a few days a week will help in the growth of a great number of new brain cells.

The researchers studied two groups of
mice. The first group ran 24 kilometers every day for a week, while the second group didn’t run at all. According to the researchers, the first group showed improved mental ability. The running mice scored nearly twice as high than the other group on a memory test after the week of running.

“We found that
exercise can actually help make the brain healthy and work better. To improve our brain power, we should run a few days a week,” said Timothy Bussey, a scientist at Cambridge who led the study.

conclusion is, running improves the ability to recall memories, a skill that is essential for learning,” he added. The study was published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

If you want to make your brain more
powerful and improve your memory, start running!






진보블로그 공감 버튼트위터로 리트윗하기페이스북에 공유하기딜리셔스에 북마크

Saturday Feb. 6 Quiz

지난 토요일 퀴즈 내용입니다.


Saturday Feb. 6, 2010 Name _______________





February 2, Tuesday Finding Out


Kristy Do you usually ___________ your dreams?

Paula No. You?

Kristy Yeah, but only because I write them down ________ after they happen.

Paula Right after?

Kristy Yeah, I keep a journal by my bed and write them down right away.

Paula And, are you finding out anything about yourself?

Kristy Nah, just that I am ____________ in my dreams too!



February 4, Thursday Terrible Nightmare


Amy No, no! Ahhhh!

Mike Amy, ________ _____! Are you OK?

Amy Whoa.... It was a dream.

Mike Did you have a nightmare?

Amy Yea. It was terrible. I was sleeping in my bed but on the floor surrounding the bed there was lots of ________. You were calling my name but I couldn't go to you because the room was filled with glass!

Mike Sounds _________. But I'm right here. Everything's OK now.



ANSER (drag below)


remember  /  right  /  boring  /  wake up  /  glass  /  awful


Word Quiz



1. Are you in ___________ with you Mom or something?

너 엄마랑 무슨 문제 있는 거니?

2. In the __________, I'm going to study English for an hour every day.

앞으로 나는 매일 한 시간씩 영어공부를 하겠습니다.

3. I said yes ______ ______________ I was afraid.

내가 그러겠다고 한 건 오로지 두려워서였어.

4. Did you ___________ who did it?

누가 그걸 했는지 알아냈니?

5. Be careful! The bucket is __________ ______ water.

조심해! 양동이에 물이 가득 차 있어.

6. What do you ___________ by that?

너 그거 무슨 말이야?



ANSER (drag below)


1. trouble 2. future 3. only because 4. discover 5. filled with 6. mean


진보블로그 공감 버튼트위터로 리트윗하기페이스북에 공유하기딜리셔스에 북마크

Saturday, Feb. 6 the 3rd Meeting

We're going to get together this Saturday afternoon.

and talk about this.


0. Word Quiz (2 words that start with alphbet 'C')

0. Easy English Quiz (Dictation and Writing) from Jan 28~ Feb 5

0. Memorizing Easy English (Choose one part)

0. News Article (Dictation and Small Talking)


You shoud prepare your part and assignment. Alright?


진보블로그 공감 버튼트위터로 리트윗하기페이스북에 공유하기딜리셔스에 북마크

Ban Ki-moon Visits Haiti [29-01-2010]

Ban Ki-moon Visits Haiti    [29-01-2010]


* 2월 6일 뉴스 아티클 딕테이션 용입니다.


On January 17, UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon visited Haiti to encourage the people who are suffering. The country was hit by a strong earthquake on January 12 and thousands of people died. Many people in the capital, Port-au-Prince lost their homes and loved ones. They are suffering from sadness, hunger, and thirst. Mr. Ban went there to promise to help them.

The UN chief visited Haiti and met the president of the country, Rene Preval. Mr. Ban promised him to help the
victims of the devastating earthquake. “I came to Haiti with a very heavy heart to deliver a message of hope to the country’s earthquake victims and provide full support of the UN to the people of Haiti,” said Mr. Ban.

Due to the lack of food and water, Haitians are losing their patience. Currently, about 3 million to 3.5 million people are in need of help. “I sincerely hope and appeal to the Haitian people to be more patient,” Mr. Ban said. “I have seen and met many people on the streets. They are looking for a way to survive. I told them that I’m here to give them hope and to bring them a better future.”

Many countries in the world are
sending food and water to Haiti. Korea also sent many people to help the Haitians. The UN World Food Program (UNWFP)유엔 세계식량계획 plans to send more food to feed 1 million people in 2 weeks and 2 million people in one month.

According to the UN chief, the UN Security Council유엔 안전 보장 이사회 will also send more peacekeepers and international police to Haiti. Let’s hope Mr. Ban comes up with many more great ideas to help Haiti. In the mean time, why don’t we also offer a helping hand to the Haitians? You can donate your old clothes and shoes to send to them or you can give some money to help doctors heal the sick people.




진보블로그 공감 버튼트위터로 리트윗하기페이스북에 공유하기딜리셔스에 북마크

Wednesday Jan. 27 Quiz

Wednesday Jan. 27, 2010 Name _______________






January 25, Monday Get the special


Andy What do you have for ___________ in this neighborhood?

Mina The usual. Pizza, Chinese, sandwiches....

Andy You have a good pizza place around here?

Mina We have tons of _________ for pizza. See which coupons I have already.

Andy Hey, Twenty percent off. Pretty good.

Mina Let's get the _________.



January 26, Tuesday I'm desperate.


Meiko Wow, look. This restaurant has ___________.

Angela Yeah, but they don't go to my house.

Meiko Oh, right.. Only __ ______ streets over.

Angela I could always go to the corner and see if they deliver to me.

Meiko Haha. Without a house, they won't deliver to you.

Angela If I'm ______________, they might.


정답(순서대로) * 마우스로 드랙 하세요.


takeout / choices / special / delivery / a few / desperate





Word Quiz



1. __ ________ open a new opportunity for you.

너에게 새로운 기회를 열어줄지도 몰라.



2. It's ________ hot in here.

여기 안이 꽤 덥다.



3. Do you live _________ _______?

이 근처에 사세요?



4. I'm standing on the _________.

난 모퉁이에 서있어.



5. ______ ____ get the check?

계산서 좀 주시겠어요?


정답 * 마우스로 드래그하세요.


1. That might   2. pretty  3. around here  4. corner  5. Can I

진보블로그 공감 버튼트위터로 리트윗하기페이스북에 공유하기딜리셔스에 북마크