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Sage Francis: Rewrite

category 우주적알음다움 2012/04/20 17:06


This is to the woman who I loved and lost,
Intertwined souls of the universe,
Got divorced when it wasn't forced,
Cos single thoughts of being double-crossed,
'Til there's no love lost,
I can't even start this...

She said forever,
This is the rewrite, This is the rewrite,
Yo, check this out!

This is to the woman who I used to respect,
Now I call her a bitch cause I'm constantly upset,
So this is to the +bitch+ who cut communication,
For a new relation,
Selfishness spread through the nation,
All I ever needed was a hug,
To wrap my loving arms around you, you blew it off with a shrug,
So all I ever wanted was a hand to hold,
I ain't the man to scold,
Your plan is cold but god damn its old,
It's about time get inside of my head while I'm out my mind,
As I scream cry, yell, shout and whine,
All I ever asked for,
Was an ear to hear me,
What you really have to wear that mask for?
You straight shattered my glass jaw,
Now I'm picking up the pieces of my past, what you last saw,
But see this, needless to say, you went astray,
And all people ever hear Paul say is,
I don't give a damn, I don't care,
That's all I hear from myself tryin' to make things clear
Yeah, I don't give a FUCK for real I don't FUCKING CARE
That's all I hear..

The pain stops with the end of raindrops,
But this cloudy weather, just reminds me of the time we spent together,
And how you left forever like that with a snap of fingers,
Pain lingers, so this is to the,
Woman who I made my family,
Now I call her a bitch just to save my sanity,
So this is to that +bitch+,
Who I thought would be right here,
She's just a monster in my reoccurring nightmare,
Now when my grandfather died, you weren't there for me,
When my grandmomma died, you weren't there for me,
When my natural dad died, you weren't there for me,
You saw me and just ignored me like "Sorry end of the story",
My family's dropping like flies somehow I got to rise,
But nobody's by my side, can't look straight into my eyes,
Nobody's by my side, can't look straight into my eyes,
My fist grabs air, I stare into the lies,
I never felt more lonely, I made you the one and only,
Individual to know me- This is the thanks that you show me?
I never felt more lonely, I made you the one and only,
Individual to know me, never thought that you'd turn phony,
But you did, now I'm going all out kid,
And I got mad hate to deal with,
Just ask digs, I'm having trouble letting anyone get close to me,
And that's a major problem because that's not the way it's supposed to be,
Supposedly, I should keep my composure,
Right now, I'm like "wow", it's time for me to seek closure,
Mental pictures are destroyed - overexposure,
Ever get that feeling that nobody really knows ya'?
This is to the woman who I called my best friend,
Now I call her bitch, because she made that switch to that +bitch+,
Who I shouldn't disrespect,
So now I call her woman just to keep myself in check...

Shit, this is the rewrite,
Fuck it, bring it back...



완전 쌔거(Sage) 형님...ㅜㅜ 너무 좋다 가사 봐라 아오... 이혼남들에게 바침 ㅇ<-<

아침에 이 노래 들으며 출근하는데 너무 감동받아서 숨을 쉴 수가 없었다=ㅁ=  아이 돈 기버 뻑!할 때 헉 죽겠음 ㅇ<-< 너무 감동받아서 표정이 주체가 안 되는데 나의 감동받은 표정 징그러-ㅁ- 보지 않아도 알 수 있다 징그럽다라는 그 사실은 아 순수하게 감동받지 못 하고 징그러운 표정을 응시하는 또 하나의 내가 있어ㅜㅜ 그것은 사회 속에 살아가는 존재이기 때문이다 존재가 의식을 결정한다<


이 분의 정치랩(?)을 힙합 마스터 구멍님이 소개해줬는데 다 좋다 모두 다 좋은데 지금 이 노래에 꽂혀가지구... 돌아버리겠네 진짜... 오늘 하루 종일 빠짐없이 들었는데 계속 심장을 들었다놨다 함 -ㅅ-;;;; 아 나중에 우리 ㅁ이가 이 노래를 부르는 이혼남이 되어 있는 엉뚱한 상상을 하고 있다 왜.......< ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 나도 영어로 랩을 쓰고 싶다 아오...... 이런 랩을 쓰고 싶어 이거랑 우먼위더타투드핸이랑 그거 압낙셔스< 그런 랩을... ㅇ<-< 한국어 랩을 쓰고 싶다는 생각은 안 드는데 ㅎㅎㅎㅎ

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