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Let's write peace letters to Pope Francis so that His Holiness can visit Gangjeong village on his trip to South Korea in August!


Yes, the Pope is coming to Korea this August. The details of his trip or itinerary is not decided yet, but we think that the Vatican will soon decide detailed schedule. So it is very important for us to write and send letters to Pope Francis NOW to help Him know more about Gangjeong's 8 years of peace movement against massive naval base for nuclear warships, and convince Him to visit the suffering village on the island of world peace.


Just think about Pope Francis holding the Eucharist at the daily Catholic life-peace Mass at the naval base construction site. Tens of thousands, if not hundreds of thousnads, of people will gather together, and in fact as Bishop Peter Kang U-il once said, peace will begin to flow from this tiny village of Gangjeong to the rest of the world.


So please take a pen and write your sincere heart out at a piece of paper. Send it to the Apostolic Palace of the Vatican City. It's easy and anyone can do it for peace of Gangjeong. Here's a sample peace letter envelope that I had sent to Pope Francis. His Holiness will be likely to read our letters if we write from all around the wolrd with one heart.


Please circulate this message to your friends. Let's make Pope Francis read our peace letters and meet Him at Gangjeong this summer! And leave a copy of your letter here to share it with everyone else.

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2014/01/29 20:36 2014/01/29 20:36
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